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Weds. (9/21/2011)*9pm c/10pm e/7pm p*W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Strange Fruit @ San Jose State: The 2008 Unsolved Hanging Of Gregory Johnson, Jr.


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September 2011 Theme: The Most Known Unknown...
Air Date: Weds. September 21, 2011

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Topic: Strange Fruit @ San Jose State: The 2008 Unsolved Hanging Of Gregory Johnson, Jr.
 Video: Gregory Johnson Jr.'s Parents Speak Out About Son's Death

Parents Of Gregory Johnson, Jr.: Rev. Denise Johnson & Gregory Johnson, Sr.

On Nov. 22, 2008, Gregory Johnson, Jr. was found hanging from the ceiling of his fraternity house’s basement @ San Jose State University…Although there were no ligature marks found on his neck, the authorities quickly ruled out foul play and ruled it a suicide…Also there was a jagged scar found on the back of his head which suggests he sustained blunt force trauma which also points to foul play...Gregory Johnson, Jr. was only 20 years old… He was a brilliant student, an ordained minister and a certified personal fitness instructor who had dreams of becoming a professional sports trainer…He was the only Black student in the San Jose State University Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, the largest and one of the oldest fraternities in North America…He reported that his clothes and jewelry were stolen/missing and fights broke out with him and his frat brothers in the days leading up to his mysterious and untimely death…W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio will interview Gregory’s parents and others this Weds. Sept. 21 @ 9pm c/10pm e/7pm p…Spread the news!

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