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topic: "Triumph Beyond Measure: The Martha Dixon Story"

"Martha Dixon is wonderful, wise, gifted, and tough-an amazing woman with an awe-inspiring story.  This is a book any person of any age will learn from and enjoy.  After you read it, you'll find it harder to feel sorry for yourself, easier to get on with your life and go after your dreams and impossible not to be grateful that Martha shared her story with you.  She has been a blessing to Hillary and me, and she will be to you."
William Jefferson Clinton, Former U.S. President





Martha Dixon Fashion Icon Award from Michael Mueller on Vimeo.

About Triumph Beyond Measure

From the backbreaking work of picking cotton in the hot Arkansas sun, the daughter of a poor sharecropper, to the dressmaker for the First Lady of the United States, Martha Dixon's story is uniquely American.  Starting with nothing but an entrepreneurial drive, Ms. Dixon rose to the peak of her profession.  Triumph Beyond Measure is an impossible story that became possible.  A tale of a woman who believed in herself and set her sights high.  Inspirational, motivational, and steeped in lessons learned along the way.  Triumph Beyond Measure will leave you cheering.  "They said you need to crawl before you can walk," writes Ms. Dixon, "but I didn't want to walk. Nor did I want to run.  I wanted to fly."  Rags to riches.  From the poorhouse to the White House.  Triumph Beyond Measure is a story everyone should read.

About Sis. Martha

Recognized as one of the "Top 100 Women of Arkansas" by Arkansas Business Magazine, and the recipient of numerous awards for her entrepreneurship, political work, and community service, Martha Dixon rose from abject poverty to the height of her profession. Founder of Dixon Manufacturing, as well as other successful enterprises, Ms. Dixon's meteoric career took her all the way from the cotton fields of Arkansas to the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House and beyond. Dress designer for First Lady Hillary Clinton (her presidential Gala gown remains on display at the Truman Library), Ms. Dixon's stellar reputation and entrepreneurial spirit combined for one of the great success stories of our time.


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