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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Books Review: ‘Little Satchmo’ Is An Open Letter To ‘Big Satchmo’

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Books Review: ‘Little Satchmo’ Is An Open Letter To ‘Big Satchmo’

By Bro. Ron aka r2c2h2 tha artivist


“Little Satchmo” by Sharon L. Preston-Folta is an essential or must read for anybody who calls themselves a fan of ‘Big Satchmo,’ Louis Armstrong, in particular and jazz music in general…I am always looking for new information for one of the greatest geniuses in any genre of human activity that’s ever lived and this book fits the bill and then some…I thought Sharon’s book was both brutally honest and spiritual moving…The book is very engaging and hypnotic like one of Louis Armstrong’s greatest recordings, so much so that I was able to finish the entire book in just 3 hours…’Little Satchmo’ reads like a movie script ready for the big screen…It seems like writing about her complex love/loveless relationship with her famous father was both a very cathartic and therapeutic process for Sharon…It is ironic and very sad that a man who was and is still able to bring so much joy and comfort to millions of folks with his Promethean singular talent , even after being dead over 40 years , could not even bring true happiness to one little girl who had his blood coursing through her veins…

However, Sharon’s story is not a tragic tale but a triumphant one…By her rightfully reclaiming her inheritance in terms of her identity she has in a way exorcised demons that had tormented her for most of her life…Instead of feeling sorry for Sharon you find yourself rooting and cheering her on…Although the book reveals a side of the Armstrong myth that is less than stellar, it does not in any way ruin the Armstrong aura and brand but instead it enhances it by making him accessibly human…The book also shows how Armstrong was willing to sacrifice the love of his daughter for his public image and the love of complete strangers which to me goes back to the following question: Can one be truly great  or exceptional at what he or she does while at the same time be a great and attentive parent??? Sharon is the classic underdog with top dog abilities and just like her father she possesses an alchemist touch in turning the mundane into the profound…I highly recommend this book!!!

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