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Sun. 11/10/2013~4PM E/3PM C/1PM P~W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: "The Revival: Sis. Shahrazad Ali & Sis. Aisha Sekhmet"

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio:"The Revival: Sis. Shahrazad Ali & Sis. Aisha Sekhmet"

 W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Resurrecting Black Radio One Podcast At A Time!!!
Date: Sunday November 10, 2013

4pm Eastern/3pm Central/1pm Pacific

 This is a 2 LIVE hour show/discussion

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1st Hour~Sis. Shahrazad Ali aka Miss Ali
In Demand Lecturer, Social Commentator, Regular Guest On HLN Dr. Drew On Call Show & Author Of The Controversial & Groundbreaking Best Selling Nu Black Classic "The Blackman's Guide to Understanding the Blackwoman"

Video: Sis. Shahrazad Ali on the Dr. Drew Show

L.A. Times~Off The Cuff : Books: A "guide" urging submission of black women to black men is selling briskly despite its message of oppression (7/30/1990):

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2nd Hour (5pm e/4pm c/2pm p)~Sis. Aisha Sekhmet

 Video: Aisha Sekhmet~"Keep It G" Official Video

Video: Aisha Sekhmet~Rich Like Oprah (Official Video)

Video: Aisha Sekhmet~Capone

Video: Aisha Sekhmet~I Killed Jesus

About Sis. Aisha Sekhmet
Sis. Aisha Sekhmet is a prolific revolutionary race first rap artist from New Orleans, Louisiana, who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia...This cultural warrior queen is a true advocate for Black Love, Black Unity and Black Liberation...'The Queen Guillotine' as she is also known serves as a sharp tongued and witted weapon that slices through the oppressive neck of White Supremacy and Racism to bring about poetic justice for her people...I was actually made aware of her unique genius by a 'conscious' sister friend on FB a couple of years back and have been a fan ever since...Her latest and greatest creation, "Revival" released this past summer is a sure-fire remedy for sleepwalking Negroes, one of the best albums of this year and an instant nu classic...I have been playing it heavily over the last several weeks in my car and on my computer every since I downloaded it from CD Baby and I know that the best is yet to come...

Sis. Akhmet's artistry is a throwback to the Golden Age of Conscious Rap which included early Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, The X Clan, Jungle Brothers and even the early political raps of NWA combined with an approach, charisma and style reminiscent of the late great Makaveli aka 2Pac...Her lyrics are laced heavy with Black Nationalist and Pan African themes as well as catchy Black Power hooks...Her flow is wicked and thorough, each line serving as both a history lesson for Blacks and the uninitiated as well as retribution against White Supremacy...

Her artistry is very controversial and confrontational: she directly confronts the system of White Supremacy and she is not afraid to critique (some may say 'attack') some of society's prized institutions, traditions, and taboo topics (the Black church, religion in general, 'Amerikkka,' homosexuality and interracial relationships are some of her favorite targets)!!! She doesn't pull her punches and she goes straight for the jugular too...You may disagree with her point of view but you should agree that she is a talented artist and arguably one of the most significant if underrated voices of her generation who deserves to be heard if not always in agreement with...

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And The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

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