Sunday, March 01, 2015

Amazing INterview Of Bob Johnson Talking About The Founding & Purpose Of BET Network Back IN March 1980!!!

 Although the whole video is worth watching, please check out the 2nd Half of this INterview #BobJohnson did IN March 1980 On NYC Public Access TV On The Harold Hudson Channer Show Talking About The Founding Of #BET the Previous Year...When BET First Started It Was Only Shown For 2 Hours Over The Weekend With The Content BEing Mostly Old Movies...Fast Forward 36 Years Later, Love It Or Hate It, It Is Now Part Of The Mainstream KKKulture & Whether Folks Will Acknowledge This Or Not Many Black People's Careers,Many Of Whom That We REspect, Love And/Or Admire, Were Launched On BET...If It Wasn't For Bob Johnson's Idea These Same Folks Wouldn't Have Had The Chance To Get Experienced & Established Let Alone BEcome Successful & Known...You Got To REmember That Around That Time Or Era That Many Black Musicians Were Not Getting Their Videos Played On MTV...Doing For Self Have Many Benefits That Those Who REmain Solely Dependent On Others To REcognize & Validate Them Will Never Know...Stay INformed & Share What You Know!!! #R2c2h2Says

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