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Give IT To Em Queen!!! #ShahrazadAli Conquers MEmphis, Urges Black MEn To Have MOOR Than One Black Woman…

"Give IT To Em Queen!!! Shahrazad Ali Conquers MEmphis, Urges Black MEn To Have MOOR Than One Black Woman…"
Bro. Ron aka #R2C2H2ThaArtivist
Special To W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News

HoldINg Court WITh THE Queen: Sis. Shahrazad Ali & R2C2H2 Tha Artivist

I Had A Chance To WITness Sis. #ShahrazadAli IN LIVING COLOR!!! IF You Are Black & Proud THEn Put SeeINg A Live Queen Ali Lecture On Your Bucket List…500 people packed out MLK Labor Center on BEale St IN Memphis, TN to HEar This Petite Afro Chic StyIN Hat WEarIN One Woman Army Dynamo for BlackManhood & Womanhood Do HEr Thang...THE 2013 ‪#‎WEAllBE‬ Artivist LifetiME AchieveMEnt Honoree's Topic: “A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than ITs Woman: WHEre THEre’s No Decent WoMEn, There's No Decent MEn"...SoME people may complaIN that sHE is sayINg what sHE BEen sayINg for THE last 30 years, but I say IF THEy Didn’t Get IT THE First TiME THEn Why Change THE MEssage Now??? Also BEINg THE Prophetess That SHE Is, THE TiMEs Are FINally CatchINg Up With THE MEssage & MEssenger…Black people are now REalizINg that #BlackRElationshipsMatter and that THE only way WE can defeat THE BEast known as White supremacy is by Black man, woman and child coming together IN solidarity and love with a plan and a plan to act…To paraphrase Malcolm X "THE Negro REvolution is controlled by the federal government & foxy liberals but THE Black REvolution will BE controlled by GOD"…


Say what you want Sis. Ali’s delivery with ITs perfect comedic timing and hard hitting (and Well REsearched) truth gems and bombs will keep you both entertained and INformed…Sis. Ali holds no punches and MOOR often than not, UNlike Ronda Rousey Saturday night, sHE connects rather than misses…SHE jabs and jabs, WEarINg down the subject and then sets up THE audience for the decisive knockout punch that even a Floyd MayWEather IN his prime cannot deliver…WITh THE current systemic war BEINg waged agaINst MElanated people HEr words of INstructions could not have coME @ a BEtter tiME…

IN HER UNder a hour lecture Sis. Ali touched on subjects very pertINent to the survival and success of THE Black Race…Queen Ali talked about how Black MEn WEre BEINg systemically emasculated by both White Supremacy & Black WoMEn…SHE talked about how saggIN was actually a MEans of REBEllion by young Black MEn agaINst a system that BElittles both THEir manhood and Hue-Manity…

THE followINg are direct quotes taken from HER speech:
"IF She Got A Thong On & She's 5, Then You (‪‎Black WoMEn‬) Are ContributINg To ‪White Supremacy‬"‪~‎Shahrazad Ali‬‬

"WE Are Not‪ ‘African-Americans‬,’ WE Are ‪’‎American-Africans’‬" ‪~‎Shahrazad Ali‬

"WE Won't Get Too Poor WHEre WE Can't WEar THE Right Sneakers Or Get Our Hair Fixed" ‪~Shahrazad Ali‬

"‪WhITe WoMEn‬ Go To College To FINd A Man, WE Go To Prove WE Don't Need One..."~‎Shahrazad Ali‬

SHE also talked about THE importance of Black people creatINg a ‘food path’…A people who do not control THE production of THEir food cannot control THEir destINy…SHE talked about creating a food path by American-Africans creatINg a busINess RElationship wITh THE MoTHEr ContINent (Africa)…By comparison, THE honorable MINister Louis Farrakhan IN his 3 hour address at THE #JusticeOrElse rally last October did not MEntion Africa let alone creatINg a workINg busINess RElationship with Africa IN order to secure INvaluable REsources such as food…
And speaking of food, Sis. Ali REITerated several tiMEs throughout HEr lecture that a way to a man’s HEart is still through his stomach…IF you to want get, keep and make sure your man comes home THEn have soMEthINg cookINg IN THE Kitchen and a homemade dINner on THE table…I most wholeHEartedly agree with that assessMEnt…

SHE also stated that INstead of checkINg THEir man’s phone MEssages that woMEn should fINd other MEans to entertaIN and occupy THEir tiME productively…SHE suggested that woMEn should pick up hobbies such as knittINg, sewINg and quilt makINg…SHE spoke about how sHE was INspired to learn quilt making when a good male friend suggested that sHE could pay him back for THE gifts HE BEstowed upon HEr by making him a quilt…At first sHE balked at THE idea but THEn sHE decided to take a quilt makINg class and IT changed Her life….SHE even taught Her sister…SHE THEn learned that whITe woMEn have BEen doINg this for generations as a way to bond and encourage camaraderie, solidarity or sisterhood with other whITe woMEn as evidenced by HEr BEINg among only a handful of Black woMEn IN a sea of whITe woMEn at craft stores…THE forMEr stateMEnt further strengthens HEr posITion that THE whITe femINist moveMEnt has no place IN THE Black liberation struggle, after all sHE REasoned THEre are not an abundance of lynchINg photos of WhITe woMEn from Amerikkkan history…

Sis. Ali saved THE BEst for last i.e. ‘THE Knockout Punch’…SHE suggested that Black MEn should take on MOOR than One Woman…IN other words, Queen Ali basically endorsed polygamy & polyamory…You can IMMmediately HEar THE collective rumblINgs of THE MElanated lady folks IN THE crowd…SHE WEnt on to explaIN that THEre are MOOR woMEn than MEn so IT would only make sense for a Man to have MOOR Than one lady IN his life…This is not necessarily a want but a necessity for the survival of THE Black family UNIT...IF woMEn do not want to BE alone or lonely this would BE THE BEst route to go…Also THEre are plenty of Black woMEn with children and no man who would need help IN raisiNg THEir children who often at tiMEs gravitate towards MEn who are provider types…SHE basically took THE ‘IT Takes A Village’ mantra to THE next level…SHE Went on to explaIN that IT is IN a man’s nature to want MOOR than one woman and that THE Black man was conditioned to BE a breeder from THE days of chattel slavery…To BE Honest IT’s Hard to handle one Black woman let alone a few MOOR, such is THE condITionINg of our people IN this current state of affairs that a MEntal and spiritual REboot and detoxification is needed…SHE talked about how HEr late first husband told HEr with his last breaths that THEre was anoTHEr woman BEsides HEr and that one day sHE and his side chick/mistress would BE BEst friends…SHE at first scoffed at THE idea but IN THE end his prediction proved to BE true…

***Special thanks to Special Shout Out To THE MEn-Nefer Project For MakINg This Historic Event Possible***

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