Monday, February 22, 2016

Thank You #JimmieLeeJackson!!! MartyREd Just 5 Days After THEy Got #MalcolmX 51 Years Ago…#HisBlackLIFeMatteREd

Thank You #JimmieLeeJackson!!! MartyREd Just 5 Days After THEy Got #MalcolmX 51 Years Ago…#HisBlackLIFeMatteREd

Yesterday On Malcolm X’s Martyr Day I WEnt To VisIT THE Grave Of Jimmie Lee Jackson, AnoTHEr Civil Rights Era Martyr, Who Died Just 5 Days After Malcolm On Feb 26, 1965 From SeveRE Wounds & INjuries SustaINed From GettINg BEaten And Shot 2 TiMEs IN THE AbdoMEn By Alabama State Troopers IN THE Aftermath Of A March To Protest THE JailINg Of SCLC Lieutenant REv. James Orange...His Death Led To THE Selma-MontgoMEry Campaign Which Led To THE INfamous Bloody Sunday MoMEnt Which Led To THE Passage Of THE GaME ChangINg 1965 VotINg Rights Act…His Grave Is Located IN THE Alabama Woods IN An Old Slave Burial Grounds Called HEard CeMEtery Right By THE Highway…HoWEver, IF You Go Faster Than 50 Miles Per Hour Who Can Easily Miss iT IN A BlINk Of An Eye…IN Honor Of Bro. Jimmie And THE Fallen I Got A Little Turnt Up…IN Tribute I Played THE FollowINg Songs Full Blast On THE Car SteREo, Which I Know May Not BE Proper Graveside Manner But THE Dead Don’t ComplaIN About Noise: 

Mystikal’s ‘ShINe’ Which Paid Tribute To His Talented Older Sister Who Was Murdered At A Young Age By Her Boyfriend…Listen @ THE LINk HERE: 

& Sam Cooke’s Epic & SemINal Civil Rights MoveMEnt THEME Song ‘Change Gonna CoME’…Listen @ THE LINk HERE: 

BTW, THE Pronounced Pockmarks & Holes On The Façade Of Jimmie’s Tombstone CoME From DisREspectful KKKrackers UsINg IT For Target Practice, Much Like THEy Still Use THE Tombstones Of JaMEs Chaney IN Mississippi & BPP Chairman FREd Hampton, Sr. IN Louisiana…WHY DO THEY FEAR BLACK MEN EVEN WHILE DEAD??? #R2c2h2Says 2/22/2016


Dear #BlackPeople & #WorldStarHipHopGeneration: DurINg THE Civil Rights MoveMEnt #JimmieLeeJackson Died @ THE Age Of 26 DefendINg THE Lives Of His MoTHEr And Maternal GrandfaTHEr, Both Of Whom WERE Caught Up IN A Vicious BEat Down IN A Poolroom From THE Murderous Thugs, KKKops & Pigs Known As THE Alabama State (Storm)Troopers...One Pig IN Particular, Ala. State Trooper KKKop #JamesBonardFowler, Shot Him 2 TiMEs IN THE Stomach Which Led To His Death...This Happened DurINg THE Aftermath Of A March Gone Horribly Wrong...His Death INspiREd THE First Selma To MontgoMEry March Several Days Later Which Later INfamously BEcaME Known As Bloody Sunday Due To THE INtense Police BrutalITy Against THE Marchers Which Was CaptuREd By THE MEdia For THE World To See (Sounds Fukkking Familiar???)...However, THE Tragic & Very Selfless SacrIFice Of Bro. Jackson & THE Event Which IT INspiREd Had A DiREct & Profound INfluence On THE CREation & Passage Of THE SemINal & GaME ChangINg 1965 VotINg Rights Act...THE KKKiller KKKop Fowler Admitted To KKKilling Bro. Jackson & Yet Only Served 5 Months IN Jail, SoME 40 Plus Years Later!!! HE is Still Alive & EnjoyINg THE WINter Of His Years IN His BEloved SWEet HoME Alabama...For SoME REason I BElieve That IF HE Was Alive Today At THE SaME Age & Saw His People GettINg BEat Down By THE KKKops That Bro. #JimmieLeeJackson Would Put His Smartphone Away & Put His LIFe On THE LINe Once AgaIN...Let's Always REMEmber His Example & BE WillINg To Do THE SaME...INstead Of ScREamINg #WorldStar Let's BE About #REvolution!!! #R2c2h2Says #NeverForget #JusticeForBlackPeople #Ferguson #BlackHistoryMatters

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