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PREss RElease: WE REMEMBER #BlackLivesLost On #NathanBedfordForrestDay2016 Sunday July 10, 2016 12PM C - 4PM C

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WHAT: WE REmember THE #BlackLivesLost On Nathan Bedford Forrest Day!!!

WHEN: Sunday July 10 12pm-4pm

WHERE: Heath Sciences Park (Formerly Nathan Bedford Forrest Park)
Union Ave FacINg Office Depot
Madison Ave & S Dunlap Street, Memphis, TN 38103

***For ImMEdiate Release***

Dear Black People & Other Concerned Citizens Of The Memphis Area:

It seems rather odd that in a city that is 70% Black that there is hardly any Black face present when the Sons Of Confederate Veterans have their annual love fest to Nathan Bedford Forrest on the eve of his birthday on one of the busiest streets in downtown Memphis…Nathan Bedford Forrest Was The G.O.A.T. Of Slave Traders….He and his partner, Maples, ran the largest slave market or hue-man Walmart in the U.S.A. before the start of the Civil War, HE was the Sam Walton of slave traders…Adams Ave. now serves as an important street and life line in Memphis’ Law-Prison Industry Complex aka The New Jim Crow…With that said it is quite possible to also consider Nathan Bedford Forrest 'The Father Of The Private Prison Industry Complex'...After the war, Forrest secured a contract to force so-called Black convicts into slave labor once again to grow crops like cotton & corn on what is now known as President's Island...Gen. Forrest was also known as a military genius with a legendary vicious mean streak concerning Black people, especially those who dare to be free…He is a war criminal and psychopath of the first order without question…During the American Civil War, He led and ordered the Fort Pillow Massacre on April 12, 1864 which lead to the torture and genocide of several hundred Black Union soldiers after they surrendered…Forrest even allowed his men to murder the Black women and children (civilians) living at the fort…The elders say that there are unmarked mass graves to this day in the Fort Pillow-Henning, TN area from that travesty...On top of that Gen. Forrest became a founding member and the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, a homegrown Christian Terrorist Organization who were in their prime the forerunners of Al Qaeda & ISIS…

Why should a city that is by several estimates 70% African American be footed to pay the bill and upkeep on the resting place of a man who was not a friend and supporter of the Black race or whose ruthlessness lead to the systemic exploitation and genocide of African Americans? Why should African-Americans who are law abiding and taxpaying citizens be afraid to visit a park on Forrest's Day when their taxes pay the upkeep on the tribute to one of the greatest White Supremacists & terrorists this country ever produced? Meanwhile on an annual basis for one day in July, 800-1000 white people from as far away as California, The Carolinas, Virginia & New York get to enjoy and celebrate while camping out even the night before on the premises, damaging the grass which is supposed to remain trample free according to the signs posted in clear view…Why are Memphis Police acting as bodyguards for these 'outside agitators' on the taxpayers’ dime? A Change Has Come & Now’s The Time To Let The Powers That BE Know That The Good Citizens Of ‘The City Of Good Abode’ Have Had Enough: Nathan Bedford Forrest Park & Statue Must Go!!!

Last year I covered the ritual and spectacle for W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News, Radio & TV…I was only one of maybe 6 to 8 Blacks present…Although the keynote speaker was Black, many of the whites were surprised to see me there as if I should be intimidated by them and the 9,500 pound equestrian statue or if I was abnormally out of place in a city that’s 70% African-American…It is an insult knowing just blocks away exists the crucifixion site of MLK and the spot on Beale St. where the White Power structure burned down Ida B. Wells-Barnett’s Newspaper office and ran her out of Memphis and the South…I want the African-American Citizens of this city to bear witness to where their tax payer dollars are going to…When you can justify closing neighborhood schools in predominantly Black neighborhoods and yet use the taxpayers’ money for paying the upkeep on a symbol of White Supremacy, Social Injustice & Racial Hate/Strife then there is a problem and failure to communicate…Nathan Bedford Forrest wanted to be buried with his men in Elmwood Cemetery and so let the good people of Memphis send him back where he and his wife belongs…
This is about good people standing up for what is just, right and long overdue…Come One and Come All…White Power is based on ‘Divide & Conquer’ while Black Power is based on ‘Unity & Solidarity’…Stand on the right side of history…Yes it will be hot so please be prepared…Feel free to bring water and other things to deal with the heat and humidity…Also Spread the Word, Bring Yourself As Well As Friends, Family & Strangers To This Event…Let Us Represent #TheBlackLivesLost That Can No Longer Speak…

Consider This A Counter Protest/Rally Or Maybe Even A Friendly Discussion With Neighbors Who You Agree To Disagree With…As Bro. Frederick Douglass said years ago “Power concedes nothing without a demand, it never has or will”…Last year the Sons of Confederate Veterans offered me bottled water and watermelon, I politely refused because my hunger or thirst will never be quenched until justice for the Ancestors & future generations is served...It takes a village to make a difference & create a nation…

Don’t Just Meet Me There, BEAT ME THERE!!!

Justice BE Ours,
Bro. Ron C. Herd II aka R2C2H2 Tha Artivist

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