Thursday, August 03, 2017

It's Official: We're Raising $$$ For The 2017 Jimmie Lunceford Jamboree Festival & The Long Overdue Documentary On "The Real King Swing" & "The Father Of Memphis Music Education" #JAZZNOCRACY2017

***Please Help Us Honor Jimmie Lunceford Aka 'The Real King Of Swing' & 'The Father Of Memphis Music Education' With A Proper Annual Celebration & A Proper Feature Length Film Documentary To Tell His Incredible Story!!!***

Who Was Jimmie Lunceford???

"Jimmie Lunceford has the best of all bands. Duke [Ellington] is great, [Count] Basie is remarkable, but Lunceford tops them both."

-- Legendary Swing Band Leader Glenn Miller


"Jimmy Lunceford was buried here in Memphis. The spot he occupies should have something of a special significance. ... He took a group of relatively unsophisticated Memphis colored boys and welded them into an organization which scaled the heights of musical eminence. ... He presented something new in the way of musical presentations by Negro orchestras. Lunceford and many others like him chose to remain at home, and with their people. [His death] should have meaning in inspiration and guidance to others. If we permit it, Lunceford's burial in Memphis can mean this."

--Legendary Memphis Educator And Syndicated Columnist Nat D. Williams


"Manassas had the first orchestra of any school in the city with Mr. Lunceford. He was a good disciplinarian, a good teacher, and the students just had a fit over him. Lunceford played sophisticated jazz. I used to practice with them."

-- Kathryn Perry Thomas, Beloved Memphis Educator & Manassas High Class of 1932 (, 2008)


"He would come over to the school each and every time he would play Memphis. His band would perform for the [Manassas] student body, and our band, the Little Rhythm Bombers, would play for him. This is where most of us, as students, saw him. He would bring the big band over to Manassas and perform." 

--Memphis Music Great, Educator & Manassas Rhythm Bomber Emerson, Jr. (, 2008)


WHY #JimmieLuncefordMatters #Jazznocracy2017

On June 6, 1902, in Fulton, Mississippi, a music genius was born!!! Although in 2009 he was finally awarded a long overdue brass note on the street (Beale Street) that he helped made famous, the tantalizing question still remains for many in 'The City of Good Abode': Who Was Jimmie Lunceford???

Please Help Us Honor Jimmie Lunceford Aka 'The Real King Of Swing' & 'The Father Of Memphis Music Education' With A Proper Annual Celebration & A Proper Documentary To Tell His Incredible Story!!!



Jazznocracily yours,
Bro. Ron aka R2c2h2 Tha Artivist, The Founder Of The Jimmie Lunceford Wreath Laying Ceremony & The Jimmie Lunceford Jamboree Festival 

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