Sunday, March 11, 2018

THE GREatest Rapper Of All TiME Died On March 9: W.E. A.L.L. B.E. REMEmBErs THE Notorious B.I.G.

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“THE GREatest Rapper Of All TiME Died On March 9” #Canibus

That May BE Debatable BUT What Isn’t Debatable Is That Christopher Wallace Aka Biggie Smalls Aka THE KINg Of New York Aka THE Notorious B.I.G. Is A Ranked All TiME GREat IN THE PanTHEon Of Hip Hop Music & His Impact On THE Genre Can’t BE Denied...His INfluence Is Still BEINg Felt To This Day…What Many People Don’t REalize That 21 Yrs Ago THE 24 Yr Old Rapper Was KKKilled IN A Drive-By ShootINg Not IN Compton Or Watts But IN ‘THE Miracle Mile’ Aka ‘Museum Row’ Neighborhood Near BEverly Hills…Yes That BEverly Hills!!! Don't Forget HE Was RusHEd To Cedars SINai HospITal Which Is Located IN BEverley Hills...On SUNday 3/9/1997 @ 12:45 AM WEst Coast TiME THE Notorious One Was AssassINated IN HIS SUV While LeavINg A Soul TraIN Music Awards Afterparty @ THE World Famous Petersen Automotive Museum…HE Was GUNned Down @ THE INtersection Of WilshiRE & Fairfax Right Alongside THE Museum…THE Place Is Right Down THE StREet From THE La BREa MUD I MEan Tar PITs…To ME That Place Is Just As Suspect As THE 1969 Moon LandINg But I DigREss…Last SumMEr DurINg My 2nd Trip To L.A. I Paid Homage To THE FoREVER YoUNg Music Legend @ THE Exact Spot Of His Demise SoME 20 Years Earlier…IN True BEverly Hills & Cali Fashion THE Petersen Automotive Museum Had Gotten A SignIFicant ‘FacelIFt’ & REconstructive Surgery Done SINce That Tragic Event 21 Years Ago…

I Also Noticed Across THE Street That THE World Famous "Johnie’s Coffee Shop & REstaurant" REcently Served As One Of THE Cali Campaign HEadquarters For THE DooMEd 2016 BErnie Sanders’ U.S. PREsidential Campaign…This SaME Place Was PromINently FeatuREd IN 4 Classic Cult Movies: ‘REservoir Dogs,’ ‘THE Big Lebowski,’ ‘AMErican History X’ & ‘Miracle Mile’…As of July 2017 THE Propaganda Was Still On Display…THE Iconic BuildINg Was Made An Official Historic Landmark IN 2013...CHEck Out A GREat Article About Johnie's Coffee Shop & ITs RElationship WITh THE 2016 BErnie Sanders' U.S. PREsidential Campaign @ THE LINk BElow:

I REdubbed THE INfamous INtersection As ‘THE PLACE WHERE DREAMS GO TO DIE’…SEE HOW IT WORKS??? What Happened To Biggie Was PuRE L.A. KKKonfidential…Although THERE ARE Not Any Historic Markers To Mark THE Sad Occasion & To Honor THE Brilliant Legacy Of THE Fallen Cultural Icon On That Busy INtersection, IT IS UP TO US, WE THE PEOPLE & THE LIVING, TO HONOR OUR GREATS...LONG LIVE THE MEMORY OF THE NOTORIOUS ONE, THE GLORIOUS ONE…SOMEWHERE…ONE HEART!!! #R2c2h2Says

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