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Happy BElated LIFe Affirmation Day Bro. #RoBErtJohnson aka KINg Of THE Delta Blues SINgers!!! (May 8, 1911-August 16, 1938)

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Happy BElated LIFe Affirmation Day Bro. RoBErt Johnson aka KINg Of THE Delta Blues SINgers!!!
(May 8, 1911-August 16, 1938)

Yesterday Was Blues GREat RoBErt Johnson's LIFe Affirmation Day...THEy Say RoBErt Johnson Made A Deal WITh THE Devil Himself @ THE Crossroads To BEcome So GREat At SINgINg And PlayINg THE Blues, THEy Say HE DenoUNced GOD For AllowINg His YoUNg WIFe, VirgINia Travis, And THEir Baby To Both Die DurINg Childbirth WHEn HE Was 20...THEy Say HE Wrote A Letter At THE End Of His LIFe After 27 Years Of LivINg To REpent..I Say That HE Is A TiMEless Music Genius Who Will ContINue To INspiRE Both Fear, AWE And Admiration IN Everyone Who HEars His HaUNtINgly Immortal Music For Years To CoME...WITh Just Only 29 Songs IN His Discography From 27 Years Of LivINg HE Changed THE Course Of 20th Century Music...

I Have A Quick RoBErt Johnson Story That Goes Along WITh My Pic At His Grave...I Have A Friend, THE Late & BE-YOU-TOO-FULL Sis. MargaREt Block, Who Was A GREat Tour Guide And Civil Rights Activist Legend, Take ME Outside GREenwood, MS, To LITtle Zion Church To VisIT His Grave...IT Was A Hot And Humid SprINg Day IN March 2012...Now AccordINg To Legend THEy Allegedly Do Not Know WHERE RoBErt Johnson Is Buried, WITh Two OTHEr Places BEINg Listed As His FINal REstINg Place...IT Took US A Few MINutes To FINd His Gravestone Among All THE OTHErs...HoWEver THE First Grave Stone WE FoUNd Was Rose Eskridge, Whose Husband, Tom 'Peter RabbIT' Eskridge, Actually Dug RoBErt Johnson's Grave & Who Actually WITnessed Him BEINg Buried At LITtle Zion Back IN August 1938...SHE Passed Away IN 2006...SoMEhow WE Looked Diagonally Across From HEr Grave About 50 Feet Away Was RoBErt Johnson's Grave UNder A Mighty Pecan Tree!!! Yes I Knew Right Away That HE Was Buried THERE...WHY??? BEcause As Soon As WE FoUNd His Grave THE Hot Humid Air TransforMEd INto A WINdy Chilly BREeze And A Flock Of Birds Flew Out Of NOwHERE ProvidINg A Vampish Chorus...I Pulled Out My Trumpet And Started To Play THE MElody Of RoBErt Johnson's TiMEless Classic "All My Love IN VaIN Blues" And IT Was So HaUNtINg, Elegant And PuRE That IT Felt Like I Was Possessed WITh SoME Type Of SpirIT Or KnowINg...Although I Had My Video CaMEra On Hand To REcord I FoUNd Out Later To My Dismay That IT Did Not REcord...I SoMEtiMEs Every Now And THEn Ask Myself THE FollowINg: Did I Forget To REcord Or Was I Not 'AlloWEd' To REcord???

HERE Is A Sample Of One Of His Brilliant Works, "All My <3 a="" amp="" be="" cheers="" for="" genius="" http:="" in="" johnson="" lately...however="" life="" music="" my="" never="" of="" one="" robert="" running="" seems="" the="" theme="" to="" v="dPdfPxAF8BM</b" vain="" watch="" which="" will="""">

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