Monday, July 16, 2018

Happy 156th LIFe Affirmation Day #IdaBWEllsBarnett, My #BlackGirlMagic #DREamGirl

#R2c2h2Says: Happy 156th LIFe Affirmation Day To THE GREat & BEyond Category #IdaBWEllsBarnett...#Iola Is My #BlackGirlMagic #DREamGirl...SHE WAS A TRUE RIDE OR DIE CHICK WILLING TO RISK IT ALL BY TELLING THE TRUTH & SHAMING THE DEVIL BECAUSE SHE LOVED HER PEOPLE SO!!!
THE Oldest Of 8 & Born INto Slavery IN Holly SprINgs, MS, At THE Age Of 16 Ida Had To Raise HEr 6 YoUNger SiblINgs After LosINg Both PaREnts & A BroTHEr To THE Yellow Fever Epidemic Of 1878...70 Yrs BEfoRE #RosaParks, Ida REfused To BE REmoved From HEr Seat On A TraIN IN Tennessee...SHE Was A FoUNdINg MoTHEr Of AMErican INvestigative Journalism, CREated HEr Own MEdia Platform To #REclaimTHENarrative & AMPLIFY HEr FINdINgs & Led A 7 Yr One Woman Anti-LynchINg Campaign To BrINg AwaREness To THE Horrors Of SouTHErn Lynch Law & AMEriKKKan Mob Justice...THE Only Protection SHE Had At This TiME Was GOD & GUNS...SHE Was Also A FoUNdINg MEmBEr Of THE #NAACP, One Of THE 1st Black WoMEn To RUN For Office IN THE U.S. & Started One Of THE 1st KINdergartens For Black ChildREn IN Chicago...

Even Ida B. WElls' GREat Granddaughter Sis. #MicHElleDuster Likes THE T-Shirt I Did Of THE Honorable Ancestor. FOREVER IDA B. Only $25.
THERE Is NO Proper MEmorial For Ida B WElls IN THE U.S....Please Support THE Efforts By HEr Blood KIN, IN Particular HEr GREat Granddaughter, To CREate One IN HEr SWEet HoME Chicago...MOOR NEWS On That BElow: There Are No Ida B. Wells Monuments in America. Her Great-Granddaughter Is Out to Change That.
Exclusive: Ida B. Wells’ Great-Granddaughter Discusses Her Legacy, Growing Monument Campaign

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