Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Happy 96th LIFe Affirmation Day To THE GREat Bro. Charles Evers, THE Big BroTHEr Of Civil Rights Martyr ‪#‎MEdgarEvers‬!!! #911

#911 Is Also A Day To Celebrate A LIFe WEll Lived...I Want To Wish A Happy 96th LIFe Affirmation Day To THE GREat Bro. Charles Evers, THE Big BroTHEr Of Civil Rights Martyr ‪#‎MEdgarEvers‬!!! Bro. Charles Was Always MOOR SINner Than SaINt & That's Why HE Is Nearly A Century YoUNg & Still GoINg Strong Mane!!! 3 Yrs Ago I Traveled Down I-55 South From MEmphis,TN To Jackson, MS, To PREsent One Of THE Most Colorful FiguREs Ever Produced By THE 20th Century Black LiBEration Struggle WITh A W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Artivist LIFetiME AchieveMEnt Award 'For UsINg His CREative Genius & Exceptional Dedicated Service To THE UplIFtMEnt & EmpoWErMEnt Of Hue-ManITy'...Bro. Evers Is Not Only A Proud WW2 Vet & FREedom Fighter But Also A True O.G. (HE Was Once A Gangster & Pimp OperatINg A Night Club & Numbers RUNnINg Operation IN Chicago Back IN THE 1950s & Early 60s...HE Also Fought THE Sam Giancana Led Chicago OutfIT For THE Right To Do So)...HoWEver, WHEn His BroTHEr Was AssassINated HE Caught A Delta AirlINe Flight WITh ShotgUN & 2 .38s On His Person (True FuKKKINg Story) From Chicago To MEmphis To Get Down To Jackson ,MS,To Look For THE KKKiller Of His BroTHEr Only To Stay Down THERE To Take His BroTHEr's Place As NAACP Field SecREtary Of MS & Make His Own UNique Mark On History...Today Bro. Evers HElps RUNs A Very Popular Radio Station, WMPR 90.1, Which Plays Jazz, Blues, And Gospel...HE Also Does An Annual MEdgar Evers HoMEcomINg Festival Which FeatuREs A Very Popular Blues Concert Started By THE Late Blues GREat & Close Friend B.B. KINg...A Little Known Fact Is That Bro. Charles Evers Played An UNsUNg Role IN Selma 53 Years Ago & Even Saved SoME Folks' Lives...THE Proud FaTHEr Of 11 ChildREn (9 Daughters And 2 Sons By 6 DIFfeREnt WoMEn) And THE Trusted Confidante Of His BroTHEr MEdgar, MLK & RFK Has Provided #WEALLBE News WITh Very EntertaININg & Colorful As WEll As Often Controversial INterviews Throughout THE Years...HE Is Fearless Mane...Please CHEck Via THE Playlist LINk BElow...SOMEWHERE!!! #R2c2h2Says 

#WEALLBETV: I AM My Own Man & My BroTHEr's Keeper: MEdgar Evers' Big BroTHEr, Charles Evers, Speaks!!!

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