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4/9: 50th Anniversary Death Of A ‘Leader Of Concerned Blacks: My Grandfather’ πŸ–€πŸ”₯πŸ™πŸ½πŸ•Š✊🏾πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ‘‘


4/9/2020: 2Day Marks The 50th Anniversary Of The Death Of #HerbertHerdSr, My Paternal Grandfather, Under Very Questionable Circumstances...He Was KKKrushed To Death By A Fallen Skylight @ The Foundry Where He Worked For 20 Yrs...He Was Only 44 Yrs Young...He Was The Father Of 8 Children (7 Made It To Adulthood & Still Thriving) & Married To My BE-YOU-TOO-FULL Grandmother Leatha Britto For 20 Yrs...

He Was A Real Black Leader, Community Organizer & ‘Artivist’ In His Own Right...He Was A Real Man Of Action & HE LOVED HIS PEOPLE, Black People...He Was The Strong πŸ’ͺ🏽 Silent 🀫Type, But When He Spoke People Paid Attention Like #EFHutton...#SeeHowItWorks Mane??? Please Read The Obit That Came Out In The Local Newspaper In Saginaw, Michigan, Concerning His Life That Is Included With This Post...The Title Says ‘Leader Of Concerned Blacks Dies’...That Pretty Much Sums Up Who He Was...

What Happened @ That Foundry Was No Accident...He Was Murdered...But Most Murders Are Hard To Prove...My BE-YOU-TOO-FULL Aunt Stephanie Elaine Wilson, My Grandparents’ Eldest Child, Received A Phone Call While Away @ College From A Female Who Told Her That Her Father Was Dead...She Called Home In A Panic & Understandably Upset By The Bad News...However, My Grandfather Was Still Very Much Alive And Having Dinner With The Family...I Believe My Grandmother Answered The Phone & Told Her That It Wasn’t True & That He Was Currently Having Dinner With The Family...From My Understanding When My Grandfather Found Out What Traumatized His Daughter He Replied With Something Akin To ‘Not Yet’ In A Calm & Stoic Manner...

I Was Told Other Things About My Grandfather’s Last Days That I Will Save For Another Time, But From What I Was Able To Gather He Already Knew That He Was Fated To Die Young...I Never Had The Chance To Meet My Grandfather In The Flesh Because He Died A Decade Before I Was Born...However, I Know & Have Met His Spirit...It Is A True Honor To Have His DNA & Blood🩸 Running Through Me...I AM Blessed To Be A Part Of His Living Legacy & I Hope Before I Leave This Mortal Coil I Can Pass It On To Another Generation Mane...

My #GODWork Speaks For Itself & I Know That The Best Is Yet To Come...#SOMEWHERE Mane!!! Rest Well Granddad Herbert & May You Also Continue To Inspire From The Great Beyond...WE πŸ–€U MADLY!!!
Your GrandSUN,

#WEALLBETV: #ThaArtivist REMEmBErs His GrandDad, HErBErt HErd, Sr., 'A Leader Of Concerned Blacks'

WE ALL BE TV: UNcle Herbert Herd & Sis. Joan Sabourin REMEmBEr FREedom Fighter & Black Leader, HErbert HErd, Sr. AKa My GrandDad #ROOTS

Actual Obit From April 1970:

‘Leader Of Concerned Blacks Dies’
By Frank J. Koontz
Staff Writer

Saginaw's Negro community lost one of its behind-the-scenes leaders with the death Thursday evening of Herbert Herd, 44, of 134 S. 12th.

He was killed Thursday in an accident at the Chevrolet Grey Iron Foundry. A sky light fell from the roof and pinned him beneath it. Foundry officials, who said they weren't sure what caused the skylight to fall, were investigating the accident today.

Mr. Herd was one of the leaders of concerned Saginaw black people. Although his name didn't appear in the news, he was active in many fields. He served on the Saginaw Area Catholic Board of Education, was a member of the board of directors of the Saginaw Model City Involvement Corp, and helped organize programs at First Ward Community Center.

Mr. Herd and Ruben Daniels, director of the First Ward Center, were close friends.
"I went to him often for advice," says Daniels, "and much of the advice he gave me I put into practice at the center. We never argued, but he always seemed to be able to see things in a different way.
"He never said much, but what he said was very effective. And I don't think I've ever seen a better father or family man."

Mr. Herd was very interested in Negro history and often loaned books on the subject to his friends.

Although his formal education wasn't impressive, Mr. Herd was ambitious. He wanted to be a television repairman. After working at the Foundry for 20 years as a production worker, he entered the electrician apprenticeship program last year to gain the training he wanted.

Born in Guthrie, Okla., March 13, 1926, he moved here in 1949 to take the job at the foundry. He married Leatha French at Auburn, Ind., in 1950.

He was a member of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, where he helped organize the adult education program. He also was a member of UAW Local 668 and at one time was the district committeeman. Harry W. Browne, a former UAW 668 officer, was saddened by Mr. Herd's death. "He was just an interested guy," says Browne. "There are too few of them around. We could use more men like him."

In addition to his wife, Mr. Herd leaves three daughters and four sons. Funeral arrangements will be made by the Browne Mortuary.

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