Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jena 6 Update: Jena 6 Spokesperson Verbally Attacked And Life Threatened...

Can You Say “Bait and Switch”?

by Tony Brown

Tha Artivist With Some Jena 6 Fellas: (left to right) Bro. Tony Brown, R2C2H2 and Bro. Marcus Jones (photo by r2c2h2)

Last night, Monday October 29, Pastor Brian Moran (pictured above), the young preacher from Jena who, allowed the family members of the Jena six to meet at the church he ministers , after they were turned away by some local black ministers earlier this year.

Brother Moran called me at about 8 pm and told me upon walking out of a resturant in Jena, a white man he was familiar with did a play on words with his name by calling him “Pastor Moron”. Brother Moran told the man his name and proceeded to his car telliing the individual his name was “Moran”. Moran then told me the man walked towards him in a threatening manner and began kicking rocks on his vehicle. The unidentified man then told him “You might as well be a f–king Moron because that is what you are!” More

Read Rev. Moran's Jena 6 Testimony Before The U.S. Congress On Oct. 16, 2007:

Hear And Listen To Rev. Moran Discuss Jena 6 And Matters Of Faith On NPR:

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