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Tha Artivist's Mom Does 'The Write Thing' @ The Hurston Wright Foundation...

Listen To Brother Clyde McElvene Co-Founder Of The Hurston Wright Foundation On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio
Bro. Clyde McElvene Dropped Enough Knowledge To Fill A Best Selling Book!!!
Check Out The Interview For Yourself:

Hurston-Wright Writers Week Was The Right Thing For Ms. Herd...

Educators with purpose driven lives: Dr. John Hope Franklin with Ms. Callie Herd the founder and visionary of

I wanted to take the time and provide an overview of my experience at the Hurston/Wright Writers Week. It is my hope that other future writers consider this great opportunity as well.

I am very honored that Dwight Fryer, author of The Legend of Quito Road, provided me the path that I needed in order to seriously try to write a book. Dwight's willingness to help a potential writer has to be commended. One of the key recommendations Dwight provided was The Hurston/Wright Foundation. I immediately added myself to the mailing list and when the promotion of the Writers Week came, I applied and eventually was accepted. The event was held at American University in Washington, DC from July 15 - July 21, 2007.

The Zora Neal Hurston/Richard Wright Foundation develops writers of African descent by creating and supporting networks, communities, and institutions that preserve and promote African American writing. The foundation is in honor of

Richard Wright and Zora Neale Hurston, American Author
In order to attend the event, I was blessed that about 20 individuals provided me donations. The individuals were:

Ronald Herd, II, Lizzie Taylor, Micheal Taylor, Ernest Taylor, Molisa Thomas, Debra Westbrook, Gerald Dennis, Carlise Mathews, Michael Norwood, Belinda Shaw, Aletha Turner, Janice Ousley, Irma Scott, Bernice Sims, Lois Johnson, Charolette Hoyle, Paula Sullivan, Clayvon Wesley, Shelly Guy, Laquita Rallings, Vivian Hodges, and Charles Scott

These individuals will be acknowledged in my first book. Their belief in my dream/vision will also be remembered in my mind as well as those whom may read my book. I also wanted to give special thanks to Devon Hill who believed and had faith as that of a "mustard seed" that I would be able to attend.

You know I really didn't realize the impact of being selected until I attended the award ceremony and they acknowledged that we were, "Hurston/Wright Fellows". Then the honor sunk in and I felt truly blessed and honored.

The workshop was very unique in that we got the opportunity to critique our classmates' works and learned how to make our work better. Our class had a total of 12 people from throughout the country and one from the Netherland. The critiques were very valuable. Our instructor for our class (nonfiction) was Patrice Gaines an established writer and journalist in her own right. (See below)

Patrice Gaines (author of Laughing in the Dark and "Moment of Grace, Meeting the Challenge to Change") - Patrice Gaines Biography

"When we love ourselves, we accept that where we are at this moment is enough."

—Patrice Gaines

When we had our open-mic event, I was very impressed with the youths that participated. There were 3 students in particular from Antigua – The Caribbean that impressed me. Although these youths were from 15 to 17 years in age, their mastery of telling a story was very intriguing. They knew how to command their audience and how to be very descriptive with their words. They kept the audience in awe.

I also got the chance to meet and hear authors: Chris Abari, Mat Johnson, Robin Marcus, A Van Jordan, Eloise Greenfield, Tony Browder, Kwame Alexander, Kevin Wayne Johnson, Angela Nissel, and Anjuelle Floyd (who visit me and my roommate and provided us a breath-taking overview of her new will be a must read when it is published). I even met a potential editor for my book that worked at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC)
My son, Ronald also came for support, but also to promote his book and works. As I thought, he was well received by both founders, novelist Marita Golden and bibliophile Clyde McElvene of Hurston/Wright Foundation. He connected with Mat Johnson and Eloise Greenfield as well. All loved his illustrations for his book.

R2C2H2 Tha Artivist's First Book, James Reese Europe: Jazz Lieutenant:

Overall, my son is a great inspiration, because of him, I reached deeper inside to go for my purpose in life. My son also challenged himself to self-publish a book and did. The book name is:
James Reese Europe : Jazz Lieutenant. The book is listed on Smithsonian Jazz book for children (James Reese Europe). The blog is located at: . The blog provides an overview, book reviews ( Amazon's Customer Reviews and John Gilbert), along with excerpts of the book ( Excerpts from Book)

My son book is being placed on various online book sites for purchase throughout the country. Below are some of the locations that you can purchase the book from (click link to retrieve):

Barnes and Noble

Davis Kidd
Amazon (and Borders)

It is my hope that you will purchase the book and also share the information with others. The book would be great as a subject matter for Black History month or any time throughout the year for school students, book clubs or groups. My son is so multi-faceted that he also has his own Alternative News ( site along with Internet Radio show (
My son is currently finishing up his second book and should have it published in the near future.

As we wrapped up the event, a group of us went to a Poetry restaurant where we talked and discussed various topics. It reminded me of what the The Harlem Renaissance period must have been like. I too felt that each person would be famous and noteworthy in their own right. In talking to each other, me and Dandrea, were great admirers of James Baldwin. I had met Baldwin in the Spring of '78 at UTK (UT Knoxville) and had gotten his autograph which someone took. Deandrea had great respect and even wore a pin in honor of Baldwin everyday. She stated when she purchased the pin at her local post office (a suburb outside of DC), that they only had 2 available. On my last day, I was very touched by Dandrea in that she gave me the pin as a symbol of the signature that was stolen. I was very filled and received her gift and was very thankful that she chose me as a recipient. I will alway cherish her pin and know that I had experienced unselfish giving. She told me that she felt I had to have it and you know in a way, I did. It seem that as we transferred the pin from her to me that I got closure....And it was great.

I close with saying that you should always reach for your destiny and be in the "DO" mode in doing so. Life challenges goes to the man who thinks he can.

Be Blessed......

About The Author:
Ms. Callie Herd a.k.a. Tha Artivist's Mom is the visionary and founder of I. A.M. Inspiring Academic Motivation and of the award winning blog which lists millions of dollars in scholarship, job and internship opportunities...She was recently featured in the NY Daily News by famed and sometimes controversial cultural critic Stanley Crouch...Please read the following articles to find out more about Ms. Herd and her mission:

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