Thursday, January 24, 2008

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2 Employees File Discrimination Suit Against Schlumberger

(This is a transcript of an FOX 26 Investigates video report.)

HOUSTON -- In a lawsuit filed against Schlumberger, two female employees claim that being called the "N" word and the "B" word at work is common place.

Two female employees of a large Houston-based company have filed a lawsuit based on some disturbing allegations.

Both of the women have impressive backgrounds.

"I have a B.S. degree in marketing. I also did project management with Harvard Business Review, as well as Boston University," employee Tawanna Thierry said.

"I have a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, a master's degree in mechanical engineering and a doctorate in material science engineering," employee Candi Hudson said.

But the women claim experience and degrees do little for your self esteem if your called the "N" word and the "B" word at work.

"I've been told it doesn't matter if I have a Ph.D., I am still a stupid 'N' ... I am still a stupid 'B,'" Hudson said.

In a lawsuit filed against Schlumberger, the pair make allegations of racial and sexual harassment that could make even a sailor blush.

"It made me feel horrible because this is 2007 and you would not think racism or sexism would exist, but it does," Thierry said.

Schlumberger vehemently denies the women's allegations and strongly believes no harassment or discrimination occurred.

But the lawsuit's allegations includes remarks and innuendo that would make most women go ballistic.

"I deal with people coming to me with racial discrimination claims all the time, but I had never seen anything like this," attorney and Houston-area community activist Quanell X said.

"This is unacceptable behavior toward African-Americans, as well as women ... and African-American women," Hudson said.

The lawsuit states the women were subjected to comments like:

* "You are lucky you do not look like those Africans from Africa"
* "Africans all swing from trees and fight lions."
* "Africans Look Like Apes."
* "You speak ebonics."

The lawsuit also alleges these women were sexually harassed. "It's been a humbling experience and I get down on my knees and pray," Hudson said.

In one instance, Thierry alleges a male co-worker exposed himself to her.

"He told me to touch him. So, I did not touch him and I asked him to leave. I did complain about it to human resources but no action was taken," Thierry said.

Schlumberger declined an on-camera interview but told FOX 26 News it takes complaints of harassment and discrimination very seriously.

In this case, Schlumberger says it conducted an investigation and strongly believes no harassment or discrimination occurred and will defend itself in court.

Meanwhile, both women continue to work at Schlumberger.

"I applaud these ladies for being able to even go to work because it is unbelievable what they're going through," attorney Okon Usoro said.

The women claim they are now the targets of retaliation and fear their professional lives will be indelibly tarnished.

"If I tell you I don't sit home and cry everyday I would be lying, but it has truly affected me, and even today in this interview, I'm trying not to shed a tear."

Schlumberger Responds In Prepared Statement:

Schlumberger has already said how seriously it views matters of harassment or discrimination. The allegations raised by Ms. Thierry and Dr. Hudson in their lawsuit have led to a thorough investigation carried out internally and by a third-party investigator. To be respectful in the ongoing investigation, both employees are on fully-paid leave with all benefits. Schlumberger appreciates and respects the efforts made by supporting community organizations; however, Schlumberger reiterates that the investigations have failed to uncover information that supports the employees’ complaints. Schlumberger prides itself on the diversity of its workforce made up of more than 140 nationalities working in nearly 80 countries.

The Schlumberger 2 News Interview Segments ( Videos Courtesy Of FOX 26 Houston):;jsessionid=B7804F710BE02319A17C818D703D3B2C?contentId=3960207&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

The Schlumberger 2 Gains Support From Jena 6's Marcus Jones and others (Video Courtesy Of FOX 26 Houston):;jsessionid=2ACAA9C2DCEFAD2CB121B04318139170?contentId=5506003&version=3&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

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Anonymous said...

Please take some time to review Dr. Candi Hudson and Tawanna Thierry interview on Fox News - Randy Wallace Investigates:;jsessionid=1B4013711171D570C0F9CEB9A1672E6F?contentId=3956427&version=4&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

Dr. Candi Hudson and Tawanna Thierry filed a Discrimination Lawsuit against oil giant, Schlumberger. Although Dr. Candi Hudson and Tawanna Thierry are the first in history to firmly stand, the fact remains that racism and sexism has existed for decades. The harsh reality of Schlumberger’s market position and political association breeds comfort to “act” above the law. “Many are called, but only a few are chosen” taken from the Bible, brilliantly describes Dr. Candi Hudson and Tawanna Thierry decision to stand against “Goliath”.

Blacks in America are plagued by racism. If our community remains unresponsive to what can be referred to as “Modern Day Slavery,” the visual nightmares of three nooses hanging from a tree, referencing “Jena 6,” will be right in our own backyard.

As the nation observes racism and sexism plagued particularly in the African American communities, we all have to wonder if these so called “civil rights” initially existed. (i.e. Don Imus, Jena 6, Racial Profiling, Dr. Candi Hudson & Tawanna Thierry Lawsuit against oil giant, Schlumberger…)

The poem “Strange Fruit” that was later converted into a song famously associated with Billie Holiday lyrics read:

Southern trees bear strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

Pastoral scene of the gallant south,
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh,
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.

Here is fruit for the crows to pluck,
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck,
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop,
Here is a strange and bitter cry.

Dr. Candi Hudson and Tawanna Thierry have been constantly reminded within Schlumberger’s culture of these same “Strange Fruit”. In fact, it has become their reality. As they send out “SOS signals” to fellow African Americans, women, and anyone whom stands for truth, they remain prayerful of a response. Both, Dr. Candi Hudson and Tawanna Thierry took grave risk, but how long will African Americans and women be subjected to this unethical behavior?

Until government officials accept the disparity of “Civil Rights” of African Americans, justice is therefore compromised. However, Dr. Candi Hudson and Tawanna Thierry have not lost “Hope”. The many “discriminatory practices” that haunt African Americans and women within Schlumberger’s work environment must continue to be “exposed”. There is no particular race associated with the “Human Race.”


SOS - Help

Anonymous said...

The company seems to have trouble lately with its employees violating cultural sensitivities. See, for example,
Go figger, eh?

Anonymous said...


I have also been discriminated against while working for Schlumberger. I was recently terminated by the company after filing a complaint with EEOC and filing a lawsuit against the company. It has been an emotional roller coaster, but you must hang in there. Ladies, stay strong and continue to fight for your rights, as I am doing the same. I thought I was the only one, until I read about the story online. I am glad to see us as black women are fighting back. "If you don't stand for nothing you will fall for anything". I pray god will give us the strength to continue on. God Bless YOu!!


Anonymous said...

What a joke, everyone knows being a minority in Schlumberger means you get special treatment, being female and a minority is a guarantee of promotion.

Anonymous said...

Schlumberger for years has been over-training and over-boring every single employee with dozens of classes on discrimination, sexual harrassment - all the way down to personal hygiene and safety.

If some individual moron said the things they claim, I could see that. But widespread, daily atmosphere of discrimination and harassment throughout the company - this is LUNACY. No modern company's HR and managers ever allow themselves this expensive luxury.

How many hundred of billions do they want? Looks like more the European Union makes in a year.

I will be shocked if a judge and a jury find anything there. But the two nice ladies above don't hope to win in a fair trial - just to settle - into a comfortable retirement. Beats having to work 30 years for the same money.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, I literally worked next to one of the ladies this past summer right before she came out with the accusations. Not only did I never hear an inappropriate word uttered to her, but I also personally discussed, with her, her anger at not being paid enough for the work she did. I loved the company culture, it is one of the more diverse places (not just companies) that I have ever been.

Anonymous said...

To all Schlumberger employees----get Educated and Informed.

As a person who currently works in the employee law field, Schlumberger has a strong judicial reputation---for not doing the right thing by their employees. This is the case whether it is personal injury, discrimination (violations of Title VII), retirement, etc.


If you really want the true story---call or visit your regional EEOC office (Houston—1919 Smith) and inquire as to their habitual (worst) EEOC offenders. You’ll find that Schlumberger tops that list. Also, query your local Personnel / Compliancy group as to the number of EEOC complaints and how those complaints were processed and handled (they weren’t). Don’t expect that they will be forthcoming with this---guilt has a way of doing that.

Get educated about the REAL Company you work for. Be careful not to judge a situation until you really know. You may also face similar situations and then find out (too late) what the true corporate behavior really is.

Anonymous said...

I worked for Schlumberger two years ago. The sexist environment was shocking, but more shocking was that it was accepted. I complained for 6 months and was blackballed from my first complaint. I quit and then filed with the EEOC.

Schlumberger---You can run, but you can't hide.

Anonymous said...

I agree Schlumberger does train their employees on things that has nothing to do with career advancement.When it came down to SLB training their people for advancement. I too was left out when I was more educated than the guys in my field. And the female didn't have to broadcast they harrasment complaint to common people this what the cases is about. HR and supervisors did nothing about the complaints. John i'm sorry but noone had to tell you their business.You wouldn't have did nothing anyway you might be one of the people we heard about you know the one who came from Wal Mart making 6 dollars but got hired on with SLB because you knew someone who pulled strings to get you a position you didn't go to school for, while I did and career was cut short.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Class Action suit is on the way.

Maybe that's the only way to get their attention!

Anonymous said...

Money---get real and more intelligent! With the cost of a lawsuit, lawyers fees / contingency agreement (40+%), these two brave women are fighting for something much more important than money----ethics, lawful conduct and an improved corporate environment. . . for everyone.

Personally, I hope that they get a large portion of Andrew Gould's mega million $ salary----change has to start at the top.

Anonymous said...

Now it's time to protest Schlumberger customers---ExxonMobile, Chevron, the big guys.

Also, not only should the Justice Dept. do a investigation, but there needs to be more media for the numerous cases that (male, female, across racial) have been filed. Start with Jim Cramer (Mad Money), Nancy Grace, Greta Van Susteren, Dr. Phil, Oprah. . . it's time to bring this out of the closet.

When there are this many violations and the ability to not be accountable in this day and time---it's time to act.

Anonymous said...

Training is only as good as the Company wants it to be. Even if there's training, if there is no process to keep things lawful then it's a waste of time.

Let a rapist rape---he'll just keep raping!

Anonymous said...

John and anonymous (above): You really think you are working for a reputable company----check this out:

This is not unique, it is common.

Anonymous said...

Sisters Thierry and Hudson,

Don't you let them make you stand at the back of the bus! Stay strong----you have lots of support.

Anonymous said...

John, you entered into Schlumberger as one of the "good ole boys." As I recall, you were "in-need" of her to train you, as well as, think for you. The irony was the fact that you were a summer intern, whose father is a lawyer. Why criticize someone whom you stepped on and over in order to gain knowledge? You knew absolutely nothing, but now you are in a position to criticize what you know is not right. Dr. Hudson and Mrs. Thierry, you have all the support you need. Never give up or give in! This goes for the rest of the victims as well.

Whatever goes around, will surely come around. Schlumberger is listed among the list of "Corporate Criminals" according to the U.S. President's Corporate Fraud Task Force. Just take a look, and wake up a smell the coffee. You are a victim without even realizing it:

Lastly John, How would you explain all the other victims from various backgrounds and locations stepping forward? What does your level of intelligence tell you? The truth is the only way to the light. As an individual stated, "no one has to tell you their business." I think she was suffering on the inside, while attempting to be professional about the situation.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that I work for Schlumberger (in my than one continent) and there is big problem I've tried to address it so many times I'm frustrated and have just had enough.

The compliants are not taken seriously...managers who mistreat staff tend to just get further.

To me its just a glorified Boys Club.

Anonymous said...

It's all true, I've worked for Schlumberger and I left it under their pressure. Discimination and harassment rule there. Big bosses don't waste a moment to fly over your location as soon as you resign just to pray you to stay and offer you the world, but as soon as they'll be gone, you'll be in deep shit again and then nobody will care a thing about you, and that big boss with his big promises will be unreachable to you.
I hate Schlumberger and their fake policy, everything is put up to look like nothing can happen, they care about's FALSE! They care nothing, you're just an object in their hands. I spent the time in Schlumberger in fear and submission, I have spent 6 months doing cleanings non stop, while I saw younger people, with less experience, being allowed to touch the equipments, being explained things, being allowed to have training. Don't go there!!

Anonymous said...

Schlumberger has a big difference between words and reality.
I am from Kazakhstan and confirm positively that most of current Schlumberger set of management is nothing else but people who want to look good, but not to be good. They created a corrupt system in Kazakhstan, bringing in officials relatives and giving bribes all over the place, even having no brain or pain to put it in the emails.
Some examples of dirty games my former company was involved in Kazakhstan:
1) smuggling of nuclear sources, losing them and hiding information about them internally and externally.
2) losing explosives and hiding information about them internally and externally.
3) bring in illegally expat workforce, knowingly hiding them.
4) smuggling tools and equipment across the border (sometimes by stupidity) or from tax-free projects - like KPO, TCO, boolshiting clients.
5) Schlumberger bosses bringing in to work their female lovers openly.
6) Internal corruption signs are just incredible, expat management is even more smart to find pay offs etc.
This is just a few of fork ups.
When I asked one of my French bosses why you so openly mistreat local Kazakh laws, he answered : Come on, do we follow laws in Africa?
This was the best, but so sad and true possible answer I ever heard, making clear reality.
Unfortunately I believe it is a nature of the business. The system Schlumberger has is really one of the best, when it works, not looks like it works.
The part of management with brain and pride looks like trying to change the situation, the rest are monkeys, climbing up the tree to get banana and do anything to people below...

Anonymous said...

I thought after the sell off of all not oil industry based, these issues would have been resolved. Guess not.

Management, at least in the non-oil industry was always ready to jump to the next business group. Do nothing to upset your next move. HR I would say was more like internal corporate intelligence agents. A cheerleader calender, remove it. A manager harassing you, silence from HR.

Anonymous said...

"The complaints are not taken seriously...managers who mistreat staff tend to just get further."

Same thing as above going on in Williston, ND. HR has NO power to stand up for an employee that can point out violations to written SLB ETHICS policy committed on at least a weekly if not daily basis. HSE rules and nepotism runs rampant at least in that location.

Don't bring a complaint, you will be written up for anything, paper trail created, and forced out->boom, done.

And the courts in ND are not favorable to employee rights (all that big oil money has bought the system in the state).

**Fair Warning about working for them.**