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Slepton Mag Founders And Nu R & B Sensation Nyasha Fox On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio Live Sun. 1/20/08 @ 4PM Central/5PM Eastern

One Full Year On The Air!!!

January 2008 Theme
"We Are Resolute..."

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Our Featured Guests Sunday January 20, 2008...

1.) SleptOn Magazine Founders Billy Buntin and Kevin Smith

What is SleptOn Mag?

SleptOn Mag is an independent socio-political online journal established to promote awareness, facilitate discussion, debate and organization by providing hard hitting, thought provoking and engaging news analysis and potent commentary on politics, entertainment and culture.

SletpOn Mag is a web based magazine for and representative of a broad cross-section of the politically adept interested in an alternative source of information which is often overlooked, marginalized or excluded from the narrow focus of the dominant corporate controlled "mainstream" media, sanitized and scripted political debate and commercialized entertainment industry outlets.

SleptOn Mag will seek to harness the energy and passion of the astute observer in the struggle for peace, justice, equality and solidarity while providing uncompromised commentary, analysis and entertainment that take on the current issues in a dynamic, compelling and critical way.

Welcome to the SleptOn community. Visit often, spread the word, get involved and organize. Join us and let's deliver a wake up call to the world, together.

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No Justice ... No Sleep!!!

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2.) Nu R & B Sensation Nyasha Shani

Combine equal parts your grandmother’s heeding wisdom and mischievous charm. Add a cup of beauty and a dash of and sex appeal. The result is singer/songwriter Nyasha Shani (knee-asha sha-knee), a young woman poised to lead a new generation in the R&B/Soul genre.

“Music has always been my first love; but to be quite honest, I absolutely hated practicing!” she smirks in her East Coast-Midwest mélange accent. “Instead, I would spend countless hours listening to the radio, perfecting my ear, and turning every inch of my house into my own personal stage.”

Nyasha has spent the past five years perfecting her talents in composition, arranging, and performance. She has been seen performing in various shows throughout Connecticut and New York, including participation in the ASCAP Make Music New York series. In addition to her musical talents, Nyasha has spent years crafting her penmanship. Since writing her first pieces at the age of nine, she has written and arranged over 150 compositions and songs.

“When it comes to my writing, I draw inspiration from everything around me- the couple arguing about being pregnant again, a lover accepting the end of a relationship, or a woman who refuses to be tamed. Everything sparks an idea in my mind and the uniqueness of my craft lies in my perspective and word play. Can’t nobody tell a story like me.”

The preface of Nyasha Shani’s career has been written; however, her journey has only begun.

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