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A Schlumberger 2 Update From Sis. Tawanna Thierry...


Standing from left to right: Ms. Tawanna Thierry, Ms. Shirley Carhee, Ms.
Cassandra Rabius and Ms. LaShaunda Knight, Dr. Candi Hudson and others
were not present at the time of picture. African Americans and women of all
races are suffering within Schlumberger’s sound proof walls. The issues are not
just black and white, but “human”. Racism and sexism is woven deeply into the
culture of Schlumberger, and victims, as the ones illustrated in the above picture,
are speaking out. As the wise old phrase reads, “No one actually knows what
another goes through by being on the outside looking in.” All of these Plaintiffs
need your support during the most devastating time of their lives and careers.

List Intentionally Suppressed Due To Confidentiality

Good Afternoon,

Due to Schlumberger's adverse action related to my discrimination lawsuit that incorporates retaliation, my family and I continue to be placed within a harmful situation. For example, I have previously reported incidents at my son’s school. He has been approached by a female impostor pretending to be a student. After several approaches, he felt safe in speaking with her, but after investigation this “impostor” was not a student, as others who continue to call within my home. The objective of “befriending” my son was to solicit information, set him up for failure and/or intent to harm. Most of these conversations were information driven, obviously directed at my character. This female impostor would encourage him to remain after school, but likely he is a wise kid. Fortunately, I have sought a continual watch on all events. Recently my computer hard drive died, as stated by a professional, my computer shows strong possibility of being “hacked”. In support of this, I also have previously assigned a hackers alert. This will give me a print out of all suspects.

On August 03, 2007, I was suspended with pay from the campus of Schlumberger without signing paperwork that instructs or define my unsolicited suspension. The only reference that Human Resource Manager Steve Diana made was that I would receive payment for over a year, but there was no date of return. (Audio submitted as evidence)

Schlumberger is listed among the President’s Corporate Fraud Task Force, where as, Schlumberger Technology Corporation was found Guilty of Fraudulent Applications and Making False Statements to U.S. Consular Officers for Foreign workers Assigned as Crewman. Schlumberger is capable of anything, and most of the plaintiffs are in direct fear of the safety of family and selves. This is my reason for continuing to update the FBI and other governmental agencies. My family and I are undergoing a number of illegal surveillance practices, and continue to be followed and tracked via GPS via cell and vehicle. Most recently, I was met by a stranger of Italian decent on the grounds of my attorney’s office. This is the same stranger that followed me into KinKo’s on a different day. Dr. Candi Hudson and I terminated representation of Attorney Mark Lazarz of Shellist and Lazarz for his suspicion of compromise with Schlumberger. Schlumberger hired the firm of Bracewell and Giuliani LLP. Amy Karff Halevy and Travis Gill are the attorneys for the defendants. Please note that I have been followed by males of Italian decent the majority of the time. However this does not exclude other heritages and/or genders. I find this most interesting of the Italian association between counsels. Investigation is necessary.

A deposition date was scheduled on April 3, 2008, but this was arranged without my knowledge. Since then, I have requested to re-schedule for a time after April 8, 2008. Unfortunately, the date of April 2, 2008 conflicts with previous plans. Although I immediately notified my attorney, I was able to speak with him today, March 25, 2008. My attorney called the defendant’s attorney, Amy Halevy, but as commented in confusion by my attorney, she wanted him to outline the details of my arrangements. (i.e. where I was going, when I was going and why I was going?...) He also noted that she reminded him that I worked for them, “them” I assume Schlumberger. When has it become the personal business of an organization to know the private affairs of an employee? This is absurd, but not surprising based on the noted “criminal creditability” of Schlumberger and all participating associates. If I am an employee, I still could have requested time. (i.e. vacation time, personal days, sick days…) This is to be considered unethical on the part of opposing counsel in support of “modern day slavery”.

This type of treatment must be stopped within Schlumberger, as all people were created equal. Racism and sexism only breeds destruction. Please help me to stop Schlumberger, as well as, any associates to respect my 1st amendment and “right to privacy”. I continue to be violated based on my constitutional rights as a U.S. citizen. Schlumberger and all associates attempts have been “EXPOSED”, but this does not prevent them from many other attempts to cover up the “truth”. I have been subjected to the following forms of criminal activities:

- Trespassing on my property with the intent to harm (wiring discovered around my home, job postings placed on my front door on a number of occasions, recent attempt to pry open back door, strangers within my garage, suspicious neighbors located on each side with an intent to surveillance, phone wires tapered with, listening devices within my home…)

- GPS Tracking (GPS tracking of vehicle and cell, followed by strangers, located suspicious vehicle in drive way while returning home…)

- Intent to Deceive (Strange men approaching me for dates, strange men imposing as friends, attempts to record, approach at son and daughter’s schools…)

- All I-9 information missing from Schlumberger’s HR (i.e. social security number, driver’s license, passport, date of birth, employee files, address, contact information…)

- Phone calls (Threats against my life and children, intent to fraud calls, hang up calls…)

I am a law abiding U.S. citizen, and based on this fact, I should not be “subjected” to any adverse action and/or unethical surveillance with the intent to destroy character or do harm. The lives of family and me are therefore considered to be compromised. Police and governmental agencies have all been notified, and other plaintiffs share the similar experiences, therefore action is required. These activities are to be considered “Criminal” and therefore subject to “Prosecution”. The lives of my children and me continue to be disrupted, and I am forever scared as a result of Schlumberger, as well as, their acting associates. Please read my entire FBI reports for additional information related to Schlumberger. Enough is enough.

How long will these oil giants be allowed to play God? Schlumberger is already listed as Guilty among the Presidential Corporate Fraud Task Force, justice has to prevail. Just look among the number of EEOC claims and increase of discrimination lawsuits in each of the states. The plaintiffs against Schlumberger are certainly not within a vacuum.

Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.

God bless,

Tawanna Thierry

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Anonymous said...

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio and News report "real news". The oil industry has to be held accountable for racism and sexism. Regardless of the fact that Schlumberger is list within the President's Corporate Fraud Task Force, how can they still "NOT" be held accountable. Money is not God, and people must free themselves of thinking so. Now this oil giant and bully want to ruin the creditability of these educated sisters, who is going to stop this "Injustice"?

We all as human beings can put an end to racism and sexism within Schlumberger and Corporate American. A congressional meeting is suggested in the case of Schlumberger. Whatever is in darkness, will surely come to light. Houston, get ready to be held accountable for these oil companys, such as, Schlumberger.

You may say this message is "radical", but so was Jesus. People are dying, families are breaking apart, Black men and women are losing hope, while our people are dying in a war. Do Something!!!!!!! Stop racism and sexism, and let's ban together to fight a cause of survival of the "Human Race".

This is an S.O.S. in the fight for HUMANITY...

This is one of the best radio shows out there. I give WE BE ALL RADIO NEWS FIVE STARS. KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING BROTHER RON!!!!