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This Sun. (Mar. 9) On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News & Radio @ 4PM Central/5PM Eastern: Holman Unleashed Is Back!!! Schlumberger 2 Update...

One Full Year On The Air!!!

March 2008's Theme Is
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When: Sunday Mar. 9, 2008
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Our featured guests are...

1.) Holman Unleashed Is Back!!!

Like the Modern Day Lazarus That He Is, This Urban Renaissance Man & Hip Hop Pioneer Will Rise To the Occasion To Spread The Good News...

About Michael Holman

"Michael Holman is best described as an Urban Renaissance Artist or one who is a Master Artist, Urban Anthropologist, and Educator. Michael Holman is also a screenwriter/director based in New York City. He teaches graduate/undergraduate screenwriting and directing at Howard University in Washington, DC.

A true visionary, Holman was also a leading impresario in the early days of Hip Hop. He created the first ever Hip Hop TV program, Grafitti Rock. Today, as a filmmaker, Holman is an influential observer of popular culture and entertainment.

Mr. Holman was also close friends with artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Holman formed a band called Gray, together with Basquiat. Holman wrote the screenplay for the bio pic about Jean- Michel Basquiat entitled "Basquiat" for Miramax. Mr. Holman also produced, wrote and recorded music for, as well as acted in, the classic art film " Downtown 81" which stars the real Jean-Michel Basquiat. In case you didn't know, Jean-Michel Basquiat was a painter who died at 27 years of age. His work is phenomenal and the fact that he was African-American and his work now sells for millions of dollars is worth noting."

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2.) Schlumberger 2 Update With Sis. Tawanna Thierry

Standing from left to right: Ms. Tawanna Thierry, Ms. Shirley Carhee, Ms.
Cassandra Rabius and Ms. LaShaunda Knight, Dr. Candi Hudson and others
were not present at the time of picture. African Americans and women of all
races are suffering within Schlumberger’s sound proof walls. The issues are not
just black and white, but “human”. Racism and sexism is woven deeply into the
culture of Schlumberger, and victims, as the ones illustrated in the above picture,
are speaking out. As the wise old phrase reads, “No one actually knows what
another goes through by being on the outside looking in.” All of these Plaintiffs
need your support during the most devastating time of their lives and careers.

More Schlumberger 2 News On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News & Radio:

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