Tuesday, April 01, 2008

5 Years Too Many...SleptOn Exclusive Coverage Of The 5th Anniversary Iraq War Protest In Washington D.C....

Using exclusive footage that you simply won't see on mainstream media outlets, SleptOn.com brings you the real gritty, defiant and beautiful nature of March 19th's protest against 5 years of war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Contrary to corporate media portrayals, this was a full day of organized acts of civil disobedience ... in the spirit of movements past ... which showed that it only takes an organized, passionate minority to disrupt the "business as usual" in America and raise the cost of sleeping on the voices of the people.

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News & Radio Exclusive Interview With Slepton Founders Kevin Smith & Billy Buntin:

Our Featured Guests Sunday January 20, 2008...


What is SleptOn Mag?

SleptOn Mag is an independent socio-political online journal established to promote awareness, facilitate discussion, debate and organization by providing hard hitting, thought provoking and engaging news analysis and potent commentary on politics, entertainment and culture.

SletpOn Mag is a web based magazine for and representative of a broad cross-section of the politically adept interested in an alternative source of information which is often overlooked, marginalized or excluded from the narrow focus of the dominant corporate controlled "mainstream" media, sanitized and scripted political debate and commercialized entertainment industry outlets.

SleptOn Mag will seek to harness the energy and passion of the astute observer in the struggle for peace, justice, equality and solidarity while providing uncompromised commentary, analysis and entertainment that take on the current issues in a dynamic, compelling and critical way.

Welcome to the SleptOn community. Visit often, spread the word, get involved and organize. Join us and let's deliver a wake up call to the world, together.

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No Justice ... No Sleep!!!

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