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To Obama & Clinton: Use Monies For Healthcare And Not Smear Tactics & Distractions!!!

Clinton and Obama: With All Due Respect, You're Nuts!
CC: Michael Moore, Wherever You Are

Just before Tax Day, I watched Michael Moore's Sicko,
from a DVD that I got for free from my public library.
Among other startling revelations, he told me 18,000
folks die per year because they have no health insurance.
That divides out to 50 people per day are dying.
I'm one of those. I live on Social Security. I can't afford to
use the Medicare I pay for. Nor can I afford to move to
Canada, England, France or Cuba where health care is free.
The day after Tax Day, I awoke with an overwhelming
realization: the two people who are promising to fix our
broken health care system in America next January, if
elected, are spending millions, billions, perhaps trillions
of dollars just to get themselves elected. All the while,
50 people per day are dying for lack of health insurance.
Since there's a chance I might not be around in January,
I'm going to say this now, while I still can.
This Presidential Campaign of 2008 will go down as the
most obscene in American history. At least, I hope no
other will ever rival it. If we look at how these Candidates
are managing their Campaign funding, how in the World
would anyone want either of them to manage our nation?
The Republicans figured it out. They quickly boiled down
their Candidates to One. They know they now don't have
to spend billions fighting among themselves. Why isn't
the Democratic Party as smart as the Republican Party?
The only smart Democrats are those who quit the race.
They took a look down the road, and saw that either they
could not, or would not, enter into this national insanity.
They, by whatever wisdom guided them, saw that the
road ahead led to a moral and ethical dilemma they chose
to have NO part of. Bless John and Elizabeth Edwards.
And all the other fine Democratic Presidential Candidates.
Arguments can be made for why we cannot get out of our
Other national insanity, the Iraq War, way over there. But
how can anyone justify throwing trillions down a rat hole
when it's right here at home? 50 people a day are dying
while these two dance and prance around the country,
consuming all the expensive media attention they can
drum up. Take that money and buy health insurance for
all those without, until someone is elected who can create
a true no-fee national health care system.
HMOs and Insurance Companies are murdering people.
But are Obama and Clinton doing anything less? 50 a day
as long as this madness continues. Stop! Cease and desist.
Scribbling notes as fast as my fingers could keep up with
my brain, a solution hit me. It's so simple, and do-able in
the blink of an eye. Here it is:
Flip a coin. Winner becomes President, the other
becomes Vice President. This cash flow blood bath ends.
Send all the money saved to Insurance Companies and
HMOs to pay for health insurance and treatment for those
who cannot afford it. Instant National Health Care until
you figure out a more permanent solution after January.
As it is right now, the very corporations responsible for
this national obscenity are using all the money they can
throw at Clinton and Obama to buy them. What do they
expect in return? NO national health care, unless they
continue to reap obscene windfall profits from everyone
who is sick. No "socialized medicine" for America.
Sicko says this all started in 1971 with Nixon, when he
put forth a plan for HMOs to profit by denying their
insurance to sick people. American capitalism at work.
Ronnie Rayguns made a recording played at house parties
warning about the dangers of "socialized medicine".

Hillary got creamed by "Harry and Louise" commercials
paid for by HMOs and Insurance Companies. A man who
made those TV ads was Bill Novelli, now ExDir of AARP.
AARP is an Insurance Company. I joined. The only thing
I ever got were letters wanting me to buy AARP Insurance.
They still come, tho I've never sent them any more money.
Novelli will fight a national health care plan tooth and nail.
Here's the proof: Bill Novelli's powerful AARP lobbying
machine stalked the halls of Congress to assure the worst
Prescription Drug plan ever devised was passed. Seniors
don't pay less for drugs. We pay more, if we can afford it.
All the while, 50 people a day die because we can't afford
insurance, or are denied it for any of a thousand excuses.
You can put an end to this, Obama and Clinton. Flip a coin.
Start doing what you're preaching. Take all those corporate
donations and buy health care for those who can't afford it.
Save a few American lives between now and next January.
Stop quarreling over things that are totally insignificant.
Start living the life you promise. Fix it. Fix it now!
You have it in your power to do so. You can make history
like never before. Release the American people from a
madness that'll continue to kill us into the foreseeable future.
Do it because you're good people. Both know - in your heart
of hearts - that what you've become embroiled in is insane.
One measure of insanity is someone who constantly does
the same thing, over and over, expecting a different outcome.
Show the World you are not nuts. Do it. Do it now, please.
© 04/16/08 Gene Messick.
Permission to post this any where you choose. Have fun!

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