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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News & Radio: Singing The Unsung Genius Of Larry Lee, Memphis Soul Music Legend & Jimi Hendrix's Best Friend...

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December 2008's Theme Is "In The Spirit Of Sankofa"

Sankofa Definiton Courtesy Of Norfolk Black History Month Website

Sankofa is an Adinkra symbol used by the Akan people of Ghana. Adinkra symbols are graphic representations of popular maxims or philosophical concepts. Originally they were used to decorate textiles, but they can now also be found on pottery and woodcarvings and in contemporary architectural design.

The Sankofa symbol depicts a mythical bird which holds an egg symbolising the future in its beak. The bird moves forwards while looking backwards to the past. The symbol is expressed in the Akan language as "Se wo were fi na wosan kofa a yenki".

Literally translated, this phrase means "It is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot". However, modern translations usually render it as "One must return to the past in order to move forward". In either case, the message of the symbol is that we must learn from the past in order to build a better future.

Air Date: Sunday December 7, 2008
Special Time: 12pm Central/1pm Eastern/ 10am Pacific

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Topic: If Memphis Could Talk Part 3~Singing The Unsung Genius Of Larry Lee: Memphis Soul Music Legend & Jimi Hendrix's Best Friend

Video: Larry Lee - Mastermind (Unreleased Woodstock Performance)

Two True Guitar Heroes Making Beautiful Music: Jimi Hendrix(left) & Larry Lee

All World Memphis Guitar Legend Was The Link Between Jimi Hendrix And Al Green

Hendrix, Lee And Green By R2C2H2

On Oct. 29, 2007, the music world and Memphis community lost one of its greatest most known unknowns…Underappreciated genius took the form of Mr. Larry Lee, 64, who made his transition after a long bout with stomach cancer…Larry Lee was the link between Jimi Hendrix and Al Green…

Mr. Lee started as an ambitious and talented songwriter at Stax when he was just a teen attending Hamilton High School in South Memphis…He wrote several hit songs for Stax’s popular vocal group The Astors which included “What Can It Be” and “A Woman Needs The Love of Man”...Going to Nashville to continue his education, he left Tennessee State University in his senior year to find his musical voice in the club venues and chitlin’ circuit of Nashville…Nashville is where he met by design not chance an eccentric skinny kid from Seattle Washington who was a recently discharged member of the legendary military parachute unit the 101st Airborne a.k.a. Screaming Eagles stationed in Fort Campbell on the Tennessee-Kentucky borderline…However, the young person’s talents on guitar where anything but borderline…The kid turns out to be none other than Jimi Hendrix who actually joined Lee’s band as the second guitar…The two men were true musical soul mates or soul brothers who sounded like they were separated at birth…They would often perform at legendary Nashville venues such as The New Era Club together…Lee and Jimi would also perform backup for popular musical acts that visited the Nashville area including Aretha Franklin…Lee’s close friendship with Hendrix struck in those early days would provide Lee an opportunity he couldn’t even fathom later on when Jimi calls him to join his band in an engagement in upstate New York some years later in a place called Woodstock…Larry Lee was just two weeks removed from coming back from the Vietnam War in 1969 when he received the call from his former Nashville music running buddy...Although the band, Gypsy Sun and Rainbows was short lived, Lee did record and perform on a few memorable tracks including singing leads on the soul ballad “Mastermind” as well as the hypnotic and melodic “Gypsy Woman”, a song originally written for The Impressions which they learned how to perform from the soul master Curtis Mayfield himself when Lee and Hendrix toured with The Impressions and The Marvelettes (Motown’s first female group) in their Chitlin’ Circuit days….

Lee’s second phase of his career was just as fruitful and historic as his first…The seventies found Lee being the band director and personal guitarist of Al Green at the Willie Mitchell lead Hi Records…The Al Green and Larry Lee collaboration proved to be a very fruitful one for Hi Records and helped Al green skyrocket into fame and fortune…Al even covered one of Lee’s original compositions “Judy” among others…Lee was Al Green’s music director and personal guitarist for more than thirty years total…With Green he was able to perform all over the world and on television including on “The Johnny Carson Show”.

Featured All-Star Guest Line-Up:
1.) Pioneering Memphis Businessman Bro. Mabra Holeyfield
2.) Legendary Memphis Musician & Stax Producer Rev. Ronnie Williams
3.) Legendary Memphis Musician As Well As Hi Rhythm & Stax Sessions Drummer Bro. Howard Grimes

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