Monday, January 05, 2009


By: Attorney Roy Miller

Black men, if we want our chance at having a wife, children and a happy home, I feel that we must choose a lady that is willing to place God first and push for the conservative family values indicated in the Bible and we too must be committed to living those values. Many men and women are rejected and despised in a subtle way for trying to live like what Jesus taught. Trying to live like Jesus should not be a reason to be despised. Many don't want a biblically required mom, dad and children lifestyle, but there are many of us Black men who really do. Many people do not want a committed marriage. Many never learned from their errors. At some point wisdom should kick in. There are many little children who are more God like than their parents and they are praying and hoping for a real family. There are many good Black men who are shown the door the moment they mention their desire to have a lady with conservative family values; however, there are still a lot of good Black ladies out there with conservative family values and they have so much love to give. There are many of us that spend our time feeding the wolf that chases the lamb. We call God a liar by what we say and by what we do. If God says something is wrong and man says that it is right, then one is truthful and one is a liar. Who of us can call God a liar and stand? I feel that God is tired of people calling him a liar. Black people, give the family back to the children. We cannot remain contaminated and expect to one day be mixed with the clean. We've got to change our hearts and not just repent verbally. I feel that God knows the lips of a liar. When you see the mouth, you hear the man. But when you hear the voice, do you see the lamb? I clearly understand that some people are not trying to get to heaven, but are working hard for a high position in Hell. However, for those of us that love God and seek heaven, we must change.

In 1994, Attorney Roy Miller became the first and only person to succeed at having the n-word deleted from a major dictionary (Funk & Wagnall’s). Attorney Miller traveled by invitation and joined arguments for passage of the Baltimore and New York City resolutions discouraging n-word usage. Attorney Roy Miller may be reached at or called at (478) 745-2402. Also visit:

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