Monday, January 12, 2009


In true angst for the
hapless, helpless Palestinian
victims of Israeli atrocities...
Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight
Attendant January 2009

Berlin Syndrome:
(analagous to The Stockholm Syndrome; reflecting the continuous pathological interaction between victim and victimizer where even though the victimization occurred long ago, the pathological remnants of such sick interrelationships continue to affect the behavior of the victims who then foist such learned violent behavior upon others)

I suppose the only way that the intentional and widespread evil carnage of the Israelis against their purposefully-entrapped Palestinian targeted victims is to remember how killer sharks corral their terrified confused prey prior to slaughtering them.

A difference between killer sharks and the marauding Israelis might be that the sharks will eat their targeted prey, while the Israelis...

The seemingly-shell-shocked world stands immobilized watching in horror as hapless Palestinians are Israeli-rendered without electricity, fuel, food, medical care or hope of escaping the predetermined pogrom because they've been viciously entrapped without opportunity of escaping.

Hmmm - at this writing, 8th january, 2009, over 700 Palestinians've been killed; ten Israelis(of which 4 were killed by 'friendly' fire - they're so rabidly firing they're killing themselves). (Sounds kinda' like David & Goliath, doesn't it?)

While we understand that the Marquis of Queensberry Rules of War don't obtain in the one-sided Israeli onslaught, pandemic longstanding opprobrium against bullying should have long since caused the international community to pressure the Israelis to cease and desist from their tribal terrorism against other hueman beings. Or is it immobilizing fear of U.S.A. reprisals that prevents other nations from forthrightly intervening to weigh against the Israeli atrocities?

For concerned individuals who wish to understand Israeli motivations, it would be instructive to recall that over a year ago, Israeli leaders removed, sometimes by pure force, all Israeli settlers from Gaza. Now we realize that this was a part of their devilish plans for the total extermination and removal of non-Israelis from what they fondly call the land of "God's' Chosen People!"

We're painfully aware of the total hypocrisy in the Israeli claims of 'kindly actions' in their drop-in-the-bucket establishment of a 3-hour 'humanitarian corridor' to allow medical and food aid to the entrapped Gaza inhabitants. How nice; they bomb the bejeezus out of helpless Palestinian people and then in a bizarre and insulting travesty, offer a totally inadequate bandaid-on-misery to folk they obviously intend to erase from the face of the earth so that they can fulfill a 'scorched-earth-policy' which began with the U.S.A.GANG's illegal gift of an 'Israeli Homeland' in 1948!

In the U.S.A.-sanctioned Israeli hegemonic harassment of the Palestinians, we see their obvious intentions to completely raze Gaza of its non-Israeli men, women and children. (Machiavelli lives)

The blood-and-land-lusting, wall-building, Israeli child-killers, immorally backed by a weapons-supplying evil empire U.S.A. Administration, are being allowed to visit their modern day holocaust in the patently false guise of chasing Hamas guerillas. But the Emperor has no clothes: Israel is the rampaging guilty gorilla in this entire mess and the rest of the world is complicit in the carnage unless it steps in immediately to reign in the rampagers!

An instructive example of that 'stepping in' is the powerful Turkish Anti-Israeli demonstration at a recent soccer game (described by able sportswriter Dave Zirin). This action is what is urgently needed to register valid opprobrium to outrageous inhuemane behavior no matter where it occurs.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has unfortunately led his squatters one harrowing step beyond the Stockholm Syndrome, into an untenable and acting-out Berlin Syndrome. He needs to understand that the world cannot and should not tolerate such imposed bloody mayhem.

(Written in angst from the dual Outposts: and

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