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381 Day Boycott Called In Memphis...

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TO: Memphis/State of Tennessee-American Media at-large/ Ministers, Elected Officials, Community Org Leaders

RE: 30-day Time-Release Information Press Release on Commission on Religion and Racism (CORR) Boycott on Shell Gas-Subway-Convenience Store in Memphis, TN

In an effort to bring an end to the reign of merchant terror in the form of cheating, verbal abuse, demeaning disrespect of African American patrons, the Commission on Religion and Racism (CORR), and the Church of Human Development have launched a direct action boycott the owners/managers of the Business-Building-Establishment ( located at corner of Main & Auction Streets) and all tenant-businesses in concert with this merchant abuse and disrespect of African American people.

What Is The Boycott About?

Simply stated: It is about these arrogant, cheating, conniving and disrespectful merchants that have most recently invaded the economy of the African American community, taking over businesses in black neighborhoods, then robbing, cheating, and insulting the poor, elderly, children, and other vulnerable consumers who shop and patronize and spend their money with them. The CORR-sponsored Boycott is about bringing these conditions in the African American community to an end. The CORR National Board voted unanimously that merchants in the community with these kinds of attitudes and dispositions toward African American peoples, will no longer enjoy financial enrichment by African American consumers. Boycotts will be imposed upon them, black dollars will be withdrawn from them, and they will suffer economic sanctions by the black consumer until removed from the community. This Shell Gas-Convenience Store-Subway business-building-establishment at 474 N. Main Street, Memphis, Tennessee, is the glaring and classic example of this arrogant, insulting, denigrating, and disrespectful outside merchant syndrome that must be extinguished.

What Has This Shell Gas-Convenience Store-Subway-Multi-Business Establishment Done, Specifically?

1) They have committed whimsical price-gouging while customers are in line waiting to be checked out.
2) They have repeatedly told certain patrons that their restroom "is out of order."
3) They have called African American patrons "niggers"
4) They have called African Americans "black bitches."
5) They have insulted African Americans by calling them "whores" and "bastards."
6) They have a large stick that they hold in hand following and threatening blacks in the store, ordering them to get out.
7) They refuse to sack purchases made in the store, and become insulting when asked to do so.
8) They attempt to frisk people coming out of the restroom.
9) They order certain people out of the booths before they finish eating, using threatening and abusive language.
10) If you walk into the store, someone screams, "what do you want?" If you do not respond, you are told to get out, or "I'll call the police on you."

* We have sworn statements of complaints against this business from individuals that we refuse to put in public print. But, if the vericity of any of these complaints are questioned by anyone, the Commission on Religion and Racism stands ready to convene a public hearing that testimony from those who filed these complaints and grievances may be heard in their own words.

This Boycott is a message to all merchants in the Memphis and surrounding areas
The days of unchallenged economic injustices, domination and exploitation in the black community are over! Any business, white, black, foreign or domestic, making windfall profits from black consumers, and found to be cheating, insulting, and disrespectful of black people, paying slave-wages to black workers, providing lousy service, selling outdated and fraudulent merchandise, not hiring and promoting black works on an equitable basis, will be placed under boycott by black consumers, who will be organized to withdraw all financial patronage from them.

What Is CORR?

CORR stands for the Commission on Religion and Racism. It is a grass-roots, mass-based, community organizing Movement. Founded and headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, it has been in existence 31 years - and growing. It is the ONLY black Civil Rights/Human Rights/Black Leadership Organization in the Memphis-area not sold-out, sponsored by, or controlled by, public sanction, and money of the powers-that-be. CORR is independent, unbought and unbossed, and totally supported by the solidarity of the people.
Weekly Boycott Meetings - You are invited to attend and get involved.

Boycott Meetings are held each Tuesday evening, 6:00pm, at CORR National Headquarters, 1425 Elvis Presley Blvd, in the Java Juice & Jazz Building Call:

All of the above information is provided by, and approved by, the CORR National Director, Dr. Isaac Richmond - Call: (901) 870-5267

Please send this boycott message to everyone for whom you have an email address. Our email address is:
Our web site:

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