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10/28/2009 @ 9pm cst~W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio Special: Black Cotton...The Harvesting Of Our Youth

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Air Date: Weds. October 28, 2009

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Topic:Black Cotton...The Harvesting Of Our Youth
Being Proactive About Saving Future Harvests/Generations Of Black Youths From The Ruin Of The Cradle To The Penitentiary Pipeline & The Psychological Drought Of Low Expectations...An e-Town Hall Meeting

Our Featured & Honorable Guests...

1.) Bro. Vincent Lewis

About The Author:
Born in Michigan in 1969, Vincent Lewis writes and lectures about the injustice within the criminal justice system. A product of Chicago's Southside, he grew up seeing the devastating effects that drugs and crime had on his community. He has worked as an alcohol and drug counselor in Chicago's Cook County Jail, Mississippi State Penitentiary, the Arkansas State Prison system and for several nonprofit social services agencies targeting ex-offenders and substance abusers. He has now dedicated his life to living his Christian faith through action. He believes in teaching others the truth about issues of injustice and empowering them with the tools to become agents of hope and change. He also, works with churches to inspire, inform and empower God's people to become actively engaged in the economic development of their communities, while moving beyond the church walls to meet the needs of the people.


Black Cotton
The Harvesting Of Our Youth

By Vincent D Lewis

About The Book:
This book is intended to shine a bright light on the suffering of young black males involved in the criminal justice system. Because this problem has many different roots, it is impossible to simply write about crime and incarceration rates, so I discuss various issues contributing to the weakening of the black community as a whole, which results in higher incarceration rates among black males.

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2.) Dr. Leon D. Caldwell

Dr. Leon D. Caldwell said the Think Tank is “an innovative way to strategically think about how we act in our community, employing the best of our resources and all of our resources. . .” (Photo by Wiley Henry)

Dr. Leon D. Caldwell is the President and Executive Director of the Think Tank for African American Progress http://www.thinktankforprogress.org, the Director of the Center for the Advancement of Youth Development, lead evaluator of the JustCare Family Network, and Research Associate Professor of Psychology at Rhodes College. He can be reached at caldwelll@rhodes.edu.

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