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10/7/2009 @ 9PM CST*W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Getting Stoned For The Cause With Jamie Foxx's "Blame It" Author & Rap Sensation N8 Walka & Nyah Nile!

Celebrating 2 Full Years In The Biz: Ain't No Stopping Us Now!!!

October 2009 Theme: AND THE BEAT GOES...

Air Date: Weds. October 7, 2009



9 PM C/10 PM E/7 PM P

Call-in Number: 646-652-4593

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*Topic* Getting Stoned For The Cause: Exclusive Preview Of The 2009 Stone Awards

Featured & Honorable Guests:

N8 Walka, Indie Rap Sensation & Author Of Jamie Foxx's Hit "Blame It"

"Blame It" Songwriter Nate Walka Clear's The Air On Who Wrote The Damn Song from Gyant on Vimeo.

About N8 Walka
Indie recording artist Nate (N8) Walka is what some would call different, but being different is what keeps this young talent motivated. After releasing his first released mixtape NATE OBAMA, Nate Walka introduces THE INAUGURATION. Reminiscent of the sounds of Kanye West and NERD, this Memphis born rapper, singer, song writer, and producer fuses together up beat and energetic tracks like “Crazy” and “My World” that are very much retro 80’s meets Hip Hop. Teamed up with SHWAYZE, from MTV’s Buzzin’, Nate Walka will be on tour starting in San Francisco promoting upcoming single “CrAzY“ as well as his new mixtape. After landing his first placement with Jamie Foxx’s new upcoming release “Blame it on the Alcohol” ft. T -Pain, when asked about his music Nate says, he likes to try out new sounds and styles and then combine them. “I want to keep the attention of my listeners so I present them with a good variety. Each track has a different feel.” Not only does Nate mix various styles together he also allows genres to mingle on tracks like, “I’m on Fiyahh” Rock and Hip Hop are sharing this stage. A few projects that Nate is currently working on are completing his debut album along with working with the new group signed under the Neptunes label, Chester French.

You can download THE INAUGURATION @

Memphis Media Personality & 2009 Stone Awards Hostess Sis. Nyah Nile

About Nyah Nile
“The Stone Awards is truly an opportunity like no other it has opened countless doors for me…. I treasure the vision the Stone Awards has for the community & feel blessed to be working with such an incredible producer & staff!” – Nyah

Goals and Ambitions: My goals are set towards currently pursuing my dreams in a cohesive career as a TV personality and model. I also have a passion for the youth and the homeless and hope to start my own non-profit organization someday. Until then, I currently volunteer free time to other non-profit organizations such as Stone Awards Committee, House of Mtenzi, & UCAN Youth Development.

Strengths: I am a leader and love breaking the mold! I am unique, yet effortless. My confidence & courageousness as always kept me in a position ready to lead others.
Talents: TV or Event Host, Modeling (promotional, commercial, print), Event Coordinating, Veterinary Animal Health Care, & Emergency Health Care.

Qualifications: I am proud to say I am The Event Coordinator for The 14th Annual Stone Awards. I am also a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT), Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and Red Cross First Aid Certified. I also have Special Training in AHA CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care.

To Read Some Of Sis. Nyah's Articles For The Memphis Tri-State Defender Please Access The Following Link:


Video: Stone Awards Hostess & Coordinator Nyah Nile Talks About The Big Event On Memphis Fox 13's "Good Morning Memphis"

About The 2009 Stone Awards:

ALERT!!! October 17th at Pink Palace Museum 3050 Central Avenue Memphis, TN 38111 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 901-690-2883!!! The awards show will begin with a pre-awards show Red Carpet Gala Concert Event starting at 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm in the Pink Palace Mansion Theater; starting time for the Stone Awards Show Ceremony is 7:00 pm in the Pink Palace IMAX Theater. Saturday night, October 17th at 10:00 pm will be The Stone Awards After Party. On Sunday, October 18th at noon - 5:00 pm will be The 3rd Annual Forgotten Soul Festival held at House of Mtenzi 1289 Madison Avenue Memphis, TN 38104

The Stone Awards honors the most outstanding community leaders, business leaders and entertainers in the Memphis Metropolitan area. The award recognizes those individuals, businesses and organizations that not only supported their individual heavy “Stone” through personal and professional accomplishments, but also the “Stones” of the community, with pride & grace. This year, there will be a dedication reenactment skit to honor the late great Dr. Ernest Withers, Activist/Photographer.

The Junior Achievement Stone Awards honors our inner city youth accomplishments & endeavors. Their education & talents must emerge through their community service and exemplify accountability in order to be awarded. The JAS Awards is the first step on the ladder of achievement to become a Most Outstanding leader. Raising the bar is the mission’s goal.

The Forgotten Soul Festival is to bring our community leaders, businesses, & organizations together to help with the support and care for the less fortunate & homeless. Our Community leaders join together & lend a helping hands distributing food, clothing, toiletries, inspiration, entertainment, health screenings, and counseling to those in need. All donations & proceeds from the Annual Stone Awards help fund The JAS Awards & The Forgotten Soul Festival.

Stone Awards Categories

The winners are chosen by the community through online voting at and paper ballets distributed throughout the community.

1.Most Outstanding Politician.
2.Most Outstanding News Broadcaster.
3.Most Outstanding Gospel Community Choir or Group.
4.Most Outstanding Radio Personality.
5.Most Outstanding Publication (Magazine/News Publication).
6.Most Outstanding Community Activist.
7.Most Outstanding Corporation/Organization.
8.Most Outstanding Recording Artist or Group (R&B, Neo Soul and Blues).
9.Most Outstanding Clergy/Pastor/Minister.
10.Most Outstanding Independent Film Maker/Director.
11.Most Outstanding Educator.
12.Most Outstanding Doctor/M.D./P.H.D./Counselor.

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