Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tha Artivist Makes Debut On The Lady Joy Show…Engages Master Organizer Behind The NYC Mural Protests On The Air.

Tha Artivist Makes Debut On The Lady Joy Show…Engages Master Organizer Behind The NYC Mural Protests On The Air. 

On March 26, 2010, Tha Artivist was invited to be on the Lady Joy Show, a very popular internet radio show on The WRUG Radio Network Lady Joy Show appearance was a true treat to me…

It is amazing to know that the creator and host, the talented Sister Min. Joi Ragland, is a true professional and something of a phenomenon…She is a true Renaissance Woman, a Jackie-of-all-trades…She excels not only in the talk radio genre but also in the classroom, pulpit and the boardroom…She knows no strangers and can bring the best out of anyone she encounters… Her talents like her energy are limitless…The sister has only been doing radio since the beginning of this year and I can truly say that she is a natural: She has the gift of gab, a great radio voice and a great future ahead of her…

For the most part my segment of the show was R2C2H2OLOGY 101…It was basically showcasing my talents and thoughts/philosophy about who I am and what it is that I exactly do…We talked about some of my social entrepreneurial pursuits such as W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV and Real Talk With Tha Artivist TV Show on the Memphis Area Comcast Channel ( and…We also talked about my first and award winning book entitled James Reese Europe: Jazz Lieutenant…And of course the show wouldn’t have been complete without mention of my mom’s resourceful and highly lauded college preparation blog & I A.M. (Inspiring Academic Motivation) Enterprise

Unbeknownst to me she also booked another great individual, NYC activist and entrepreneur Bro. Tony Hebert…Bro. Herbert just so happened to be the master organizer behind the infamous NYC Mural protest in the heart of Times Square…Just days earlier W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio had a town hall discussion centered around the NYC mural featuring the creator of the controversial NYC Mural, Sis. Sofia Maldonado as well as voices from the community…It generated quite a stir and buzz online and off…Unfortunately at that time I was not able to book Bro. Tony but it was truly a pleasure to engage him in conversation with The Lady Joy Show serving as a powerful conduit for that fruitful exchange…

Although we reasonably agreed to disagree, Bro. Tony actually raised valid points and questions that we as individuals and a collective should not only ponder but also find constructive and substantive solutions to…

***View The Interview In 3 parts Below...Some Parts Are Missing, But Majority Is There And It Should Give You An Idea Of The Great Quality Of The Show And Its Host!!! Please Share With Your Networks... ***

Lady Joy Show Artivist Interview Part 1


Lady Joy Show Artivist Interview Part 2


Lady Joy Show Artivist Interview Part 3
***Discussing The NYC Mural Controversy With Bro. Tony Herbert***
We First Start Talking About The NYC Mural @ The 28 Minute Mark And End @ The 41 Minute Mark.  We Talked About The NYC Mural Controversy Again @ The 53:13 Minute Mark & End @ The 55:05 Minute Mark

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