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The Scott Sisters (l-r): Jamie & Gladys
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Jamie Scott called her mother this morning and informedher that Warden Holman woke her from sleep, demandingto know what her mother was posting on the internet regarding mold on the walls and leaking in her unit.She got up and showed him the mold all over the wallsas well as sewage that was coming up out of the toiletsand the spiders overrunning the unit.The warden then told Jamie (who only has the use of onearm) to scrub down the walls, to which she refused!  Jamie told him that her mother is posting the truth and would continue to post about the disgusting conditions of the unit and how it was making her sicker and more prone to infection, and that all of those years of mold would need more than scrubbing anyway.  She told him if she wasallowed to lay there and die that he hasn't seen anythingyet and would never hear the last of her mother!The other women were awakened by the Warden and told to scrub the mold off of the walls and they also refused!They told the Warden that they were glad that everybody is finding out about their horrible living conditions and that the building needs to be torn down!  No matter how the prisontries to hide it, the truth will continue to be told!One prison doctor has diagnosed Jamie with an infection and another has not, but she has the discoloration thatis a hallmark of recurrent infection.  She clarified that it was determined that she was only on Heparin while in the hospital and that it had been discontinued.  PLEASE PARTICIPATE in e-mailing our press release to atleast three press contacts as often as possible!  It's at:
Many newspapers can be reached by e-mail or contact form at http://www.usnpl.com/ -  please also contact other forms of media that you can easily find info for.  We need a wholelot of help to attract as much attention to this case as possible to truly make a difference! Thank you all, don't let up!!--------------
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