Friday, May 20, 2011

Bobby Yates Enters No Contest Plea

Bobby Yates Enters No Contest Plea

Bobby Yates, after going over the jury pool and seeing that in the pool was
the district attorneys father, the city attorney, police officers wife, and a
number of other people of concern, decided to take a deferred ajudication
offer. His concern over losing his housing, the fact that the attorney who came
down and told him he was going to represent him was forced to back out at the
last minute,  because he couldn't get out of prior commitments and the makeup of the jury
pool led him to this decision. The following is included in his deferred offer:
The sexual assault charge was dismissed. A plea of no contest to picking up
a knife when he was being assaulted was agreed to. Bobby doesn't have to pay
any money, report to any probation and he's eligible for dismissal and his
record expunged after a year. Bobby also was told that his Sec 8 housing would remain

Its as close to not being convicted as one can get without being convicted.
Its unfortunate that Bobby felt he must agree to any plea at all but its not the first time an innocent man has been compelled to plea to something he wasn't guilty of. There were multiple civil right violations in
Bobbys case and our fight to address that is not over. Also, Bobby is still in need of
medical care and other special needs. He's in need of a special air pillow which costs approx

His current one is full of holes and does not stay inflated and so Bobby suffers
from deep pressure sores and pain. He is unable to get a new one through medicaid.
Any donation toward the pillow would be appreciated.

Brenda Cherry

Please call Brenda Cherry to assist Bobby Yates
Brenda Cherry – President of Concerned Citizens For Racial Equality – Phone 903-739-9112

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