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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: Soldier Boy Grip: George Stinney Jr., An Amerikkkan Travesty



Soldier Boy Grip: George Stinney Jr., An Amerikkkan Travesty
On June 16, 1944, 14 year old George Stinney Jr. became the youngest person put to death in the history of 20th Century Amerikkka:

14 year old Stinney, who was black, was arrested for murdering two white girls, Betty June Binnicker, age 11, and Mary Emma Thames, age 8, in Alcolu, located in Clarendon County, South Carolina, on March 23, 1944. The girls had disappeared while out riding their bicycle looking for flowers. As they passed the Stinney property, they asked young George Stinney and his sister, Katherine, if they knew where to find "maypops", a type of flower. When the girls did not return, search parties were organized, with hundreds of volunteers. The bodies of the girls were found the next morning in a ditch filled with muddy water. Both had suffered severe head wounds

Stinney was arrested a few hours later and was interrogated by several white officers in a locked room with no witnesses aside from the officers; within an hour, a deputy announced that Stinney had confessed to the crime. Stinney was allegedly given ice cream or a candy bar for his confession. According to the confession, the 14 year old Stinney (90 lbs, 5'1") wanted to "have sex with" 11  old Betty June Binnicker and could not do so until her companion, Mary Emma Thames, age 8, was removed from the scene; thus he decided to kill Mary Emma. When he went to kill Mary Emma, both girls "fought back" and he thus decided to kill Betty June, as well, with a 15 inch railroad spike that was found in the same ditch a distance from the bodies.

Townsmen threatened to storm the local jail to lynch Stinney, but prior to this, he had been removed to Charleston by law enforcement. Stinney's father was fired from his job at the local lumber mill and the Stinney family left town during the night in fear for their lives.

It's hard to find any info about the Stinney case. Alot of the info presented is very against any argument that George Stinney may have been innocent because he was railroaded by the Jim Crow practices of the Amerikkkan South. For example, his white court appointed lawyer, Charles Plowden, 'failed' to tell Stinney and his family that he could have filed for an appeal to delay the execution for at least one year to gather support, evidence and monies in order to defend his life in a proper way…By his lawyer failing and/or refusing to tell him of his rights, his human and civil rights were violated…The only advice the family did receive was to leave town before their relative was put to death in order to avoid any mob revenge. His trial lasted a total of 3 hours from opening statement to jury verdict and he was dead less than two months later. This trial basically went undetected by both national and world news because the world was at war and the Allied Forces just invaded Normandy on June 6, 1944 ...The fact or assumption that this was just another Bad Black Nigger accused of killing two defenseless beautiful and innocent White daughters of the Amerikkkan South didn't help matters either.

The execution of 14 year old George Stinney was carried out at the South Carolina State Penitentiary in Columbia, South Carolina, on June 16, 1944. At 7:30 p.m., Stinney walked to the execution chamber with a Bible under his arm. Standing 5'1" and weighing just over 90 pounds, he was small for his age, which presented difficulties in securing him to the frame holding the electrodes. Neither did the state's adult-sized face-mask fit Stinney; his convulsing exposed his face to witnesses as the mask slipped free. Stinney was declared dead within four minutes of the initial electrocution From the time of the murders until Stinney's execution, eighty one days had passed.

The legacy of George Stinney Jr. is that the systemic and physical lynching of Black males is still alive and thriving in the neo-slavery system known as the U.S. private prison industry complex…Anytime you privatize something your goal is to maximize profit, in some cases by any means necessary, ethics and morality, guilt and innocence be damned…One man’s salvation is another man’s damnation, A White Man’s Heaven Is A Black Man’s Hell…The U.S. has 25% of the world’s prison population, more than anywhere else on the planet…2 million people are currently warehoused and rotting away in our U.S. Gulags & dungeons with close to a million of these prisoners being African American…As a matter of fact there are more Black males in prison than were slaves in Pre-Civil War Amerikkka…Black women are now being incarcerated at a highly alarming rate along with Black juveniles, collateral damage of course from ‘the war on drugs’ (read war on poor people and people of color)…The Black family unit is being destroyed, exploited and institutionalized in the private prison industry complex aka the 21st Century Plantation … Our People Are In Peril...Many Of Them Are Not Aware They Live In A Police State & Are Under House Arrest...Wake Up Out Of Your Slumber & Fight The Powers That Be !!!

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