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Air Date: Weds. December 7, 2011

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topic:"With Eyes From Both Sides: A Thelma Wright Story &The Redemption Of George Stinney, Jr."

1st Hour: "With Eyes From Both Sides: A Thelma Wright Story"
Guest: Sis. Thelma Wright, Black Mafia Widow, Former Queenpin & Entrepreneur
With Eyes From Both Sides

Just a simple eye roll, with only the telltale aroma of indignation. Thoughts in my mind rapidly parsing, computing like so many zeros and ones; but not anger, no. Only thoughts about my birthday and how he disappointed me by not attending to me on my day. He always attended to me. I was accustomed to that. I loved that. I needed that. I didn’t get the answer I wanted to hear. He wasn’t kind. He wasn’t considerate. I was summarily dismissed as though I’d done something wrong. Turning away from him, walking slowly, slowly away back to my car; a twist upward of the right corners of my smile, and an ever-so-slight turn of my head; hair tossing for a minuscule moment for the dramatic effect of my disdain with him, missing my birthday; that simple eye roll, the split second between everything you think you know and everything you don’t. And then… “POP.” Or was it a bang? He shot me.

With Eyes From Both Sides examines the life of Thelma Wright, as a youngster growing up in South Philly with loving parents and a wholesome Catholic upbringing; blind to the changing nature of her neighborhood in the sixties, and then as a young woman who falls into what she calls “crazy love” with one of the City’s purported kingpins of Philadelphia’s flourishing drug trade in the seventies and early eighties. When her husband, Jackie Wright is murdered, Thelma becomes a major player in the game, a veritable queen-pin, running major drug operations from Los Angeles to Philadelphia.

The story is divided into sections delineated by a few words or a sentence which aptly describes the series of chapters contained therein. For example, the chapters in which her relationship with her husband is told in vivid detail are part of the section described as “Crazy Love.” Thelma tells her story through thoughtful introspection, calling upon hindsight’s retrospective crystal clarity to weave a story of love, hate, jealousy, and murder; by day, a loving mother, devoted to her son, and by night, a dynamic powerbroker, a mover, working deals with other major movers on the low for most and in plain sight only for those in her inner circle.

About Sis. Thelma Wright

Thelma Wright, a native South Philadelphian, completed her schooling at St. Maria Goretti High School and then attended Temple University for Real Estate Management. In the late 1980’s, Thelma relocated to Los Angeles, CA and launched multiple business ventures including real estate management and Jackiem Enterprises, Inc., a clothing design company which provided custom made jogging suits and touring paraphernalia for athletes and entertainers. After serving as the company’s founding president for a number of years, Thelma decided to move back to Philadelphia to be closer to family and friends. Her entrepreneurial spirit allowed her to begin producing comedy shows and coordinating events and gatherings for high profile individuals on the east coast, in addition to expanding her real estate portfolio in Philadelphia and South Jersey. Thelma has worked numerous jobs in the real estate, banking and the mortgage industry. Currently, working as a property manager for a non-profit organization in Philadelphia, Thelma enjoys spending much quality time with her parents, five siblings, close friends and son, Jackiem Wright.

2nd Hour: "The Redemption Of George Stinney, Jr."

Guest: Pastor Charles Stinney speaks about his late brother and the current movement to exonerate his name and pardon him of a heinous crime he did not commit but due to institutional racism and Jim Crow justice he paid the ultimate price for...

 On June 16, 1944, 14 year old George Stinney Jr. became the youngest person put to death in the history of 20th Century Amerikkka...Read More:

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: Soldier Boy Grip: George Stinney Jr., An Amerikkkan Travesty

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