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topic: Ed Dwight: First Black Astronaut  & Black History's Sculptor
 About Ed Dwight
A man whose resume reads: former Air Force Test Pilot, America's first African American Astronaut Candidate, Computer Systems Engineer, Aviation Consultant, restauranteur, real estate developer, and construction entrepreneur can best be described as a true renaissance man. Ed Dwight has succeeded in all these areas. However, for the last 3o years, Ed has focused his direction on fine art and sculpture, large scale memorial, and public art projects. Since his art career began in 1978, after attaining his MFA in Sculpture from the University of Denver, Ed Dwight has become one of most prolific and insightful sculptors in America.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, Ed left in 1953 to join the U.S. Air Force. After completing pilot training, he served as a military fighter pilot and obtained a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Arizona State University. In 1961, Dwight was chosen by President John F. Kennedy to enter training as an Experimental Test Pilot in preparation to become the first African American Astronaut candidate. Ed completed the Experimental Test Pilot course, and entered Aerospace Research Pilot training, successfully completing the course and performed duties as a fully qualified Aerospace Research Pilot. Three years after the death of President Kennedy, Ed left the military, and entered private life. 

After leaving the military in 1966, Ed took a position with the IBM Corporation as a Marketing Representative & Systems Engineer. After leaving IBM, Ed became an Aviation Consultant for a Dallas firm, as well as performing pilot duties with Executive Aviation. This was followed by the development of a restaurant chain. In 1970, Ed founded Dwight Development Associates, Inc., a real estate and land development & construction company, & became one of the larger real estate development entrepreneurs in Denver. Ed’s childhood dream was to become an artist, but was encouraged by his father to become an engineer. His first serious artistic endeavor, however, began with a commission to create a sculpture of Colorado’s first Black Lt. Governor, George Brown. With little formal art training, this opportunity was soon followed by a commission from the Colorado Centennial Commission: to create a series of bronzes entitled “Black Frontier in the American West” which depicted the contribution of African Americans to the opening of the West. Few facts were known about Black pioneers, explorers, trappers, farmers, and soldiers. So Ed, using his new developed and unique artistic style, opened the minds of viewers to this unknown history of the American West. The series of 50 bronzes was on exhibit for several years throughout the U.S. The series gained widespread acceptance and critical acclaim.

Ed Dwight Sculpture Studios, Inc., located in Denver, CO operates a Studio, Gallery, and Foundry in a 25,000 sq.ft. facility. Since all the research for all the memorials is conducted in-house, the studio enjoys one of the larger historical based book, video, DVD collections in the country. The studio is composed of a Design Department; Creative Sculpture, Mold, Casting, Metal Finishing & Patina Departments. We also operated our own shipping department, as well as a wood fabrication area. The studio has the capacity to create & develop art projects using a full range of metals, plastics, other materials. The art gallery is open for viewing & maintains a full range of Ed’s sculptures for your perusal. The studio is open for visits, preferably by appointment.


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