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A ‘Sweet’ Victory Or Bitter Defeat??? The Votes Will BE In Soon…It’s Going Down In Jackson, Mississippi Town!!!

A ‘Sweet’ Victory Or Bitter Defeat??? The Votes Will BE In Soon…It’s Going Down In Jackson, Mississippi Town!!!

Father & Son With R2c2h2~6/28/2014

By r2c2h2 Tha Artivist aka Bro. Ron
July 1, 2014

I actually took a break from #FreedomSummer50 activities the last Saturday afternoon in June 2014 to attend the Dennis Sweet IV for City Council Ward 6 BBQ cookout in Jackson,MS…As some of you may or may not know Mississippi has the largest number of elected Black officials than any state in the union which in and of itself is a very fitting tribute to the sacrifices and struggles made during the Freedom Summer ‘64 campaign in particular as well as to the entire civil rights movement in general…

Many of you all know that I did several interviews with candidate Sweet IV’s father, Dennis Sweet III, a successful and wealthy lawyer who at one point was the legal representative for Sis. Maggie Rhodes and Baby Ashton Rhodes, the baby whose penis was severely damaged by Christ Community Health Center in Memphis last August…I first interviewed Bro. Sweet along with Sis. Maggie Rhodes about what happened to Baby Ashton last November…You can listen to that interview here:

Then this past April I interviewed Bro. Dennis Sweet IV about the allegations made concerning his misuse of Baby Ashton donations…You can listen to that at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW1op2MZ-p0

Currently Dennis Sweet III’s son, Dennis Sweet IV, is running for city councilman for Ward 6…He is running against another young and ambitious brother, Tyrone Hendrix…The election in June BEtween the two men was too close to call and so today is the day of the runoff election to determine who will once and for all occupy the prized political seat this upcoming term…Recently, it seems like legacy candidates have a hard time winning major elections in Jackson…For example, Antar, the son of Attorney Chokwe Lumumba aka Free The Land Man, the legendary freedom fighting Jackson Mayor who died in office this past February, recently lost a close election to finish his father’s mayoral term to Tony Yarber, who was once the councilman for Ward 6, the seat that Sweet IV and Hendrix are currently running for…

BEfore that Saturday I never met Sweet III let alone his son Sweet IV…I actually was impressed with the atmosphere of the cookout….It seems like everyone was enjoying themselves…It was so informal that you would never thought that there was a campaign involved until you saw the yard signs, posters, and t-shirts with the Sweet name emblazoned upon them…I introduced myself to both Sweet men at separate times…Although sweating from the punishing Mississippi heat and humidity and dressed in t-shirt and shorts, Sweet III fits the prototype of a strong and successful patriarch…Tall, handsome and confident with a handsome and confident checking account to match I can see why the Jackson women swoon over him…His handshake is also strong and self-assured which speaks to a man who is usually good at getting what he wants by playing all the angles… Although I introduced myself and told him my name I don’t think it registered with him who I was exactly ;) …I also meet his son, the candidate….I thought Sweet IV was affable, easy going and likable…It seems like he really wanted folks to like him and he really went out of his way to accommodate people, which is what seasoned pols do during campaign season…When I asked him what has he learned the most about himself in this campaign cycle he said that he learned that he was patient…I will have to agree with him on that one!!! It took us several shots for my camera, which sometimes get ‘an attitude’ and ‘don’t act right,’ to take some decent photos of us…Although people were pulling him in every direction he took the time to make sure that I had a photo of us that I approve of…Sweet IV seems like a good, thoughtful and humble brother who wants to do big things so that he can not only help himself but also the community that he calls home…

In addition to the food for thought the actual food was pretty damn good as well (while I didn’t get a chance to try I what heard was savory mouth watering ribs and baby tender barbeque sauce doused chicken wings, I must say that the fried fish was off the chain, not necessarily to die for but perhaps good enough to make you want to slap your momma…lol)…I was actually having trouble finding the cookout (GPS BE getting an attitude sometimes too)…The reason I was able to find the place was BEcause I saw a big mountain of a man BEing a true Pit Boss tossing the wings like play things on a grill outside a building…The brother’s arms were definitely not chicken wings …His guns were on point and ready to shoot…So I knew that I arrived at the right place…That brother’s name is Takeo and he was another down to earth person with a lot of insight and wisdom…I told him that I was a fan of his arms and asked for some weight lifting and body building tips…Big Ron is about to get swole the right way by Fall ya heard me!!! I could write more but I will leave yall with these pics instead…If you don’t tell your story then don’t expect others to... #DoForSelf One <3 c2h2says="" eamweallbe="" p="">
Check Out His Official Campaign Facebook Page:

If You Live In Ward 6 In Jackson,MS, Please Go Exercise Your Right To Vote Regardless Who You Vote For…In The Words Of The Late Great Mississippi Voting Rights Martyr Vernon Dahmer: “If You Don’t Vote, You Don’t Count.”

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