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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: "My Brother's Keeper: Charles Evers Interview (The Brother Of Medgar Evers)"

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: "My Brother's Keeper: Charles Evers Interview (The Brother Of Medgar Evers)"

Built For Comfort & Justice: Civil Rights Icon Charles Evers & Bro. R2C2H2 Tha Artivist


About Bro. Charles Evers

"The least I can do is show Medgar I still care. And Martin."

"I'd rather be dead and in heaven than afraid to do what I think is right."~Charles Evers

If Medgar Evers was a $aint & a Martyr then Charles Evers is a $inner & a $urvivor!!! Charles Evers is a true Unsung Civil Rights Legend with a colorful history and larger than life persona!!! He is an icon in the American Civil Rights Movement on his own terms…He is also the older brother of Medgar Evers…A registered Republican who proudly voted for Barack Obama, at the age of 91 Charles Evers has the vigor, swagger and awareness of a person half his age…A giant of a man in terms of both stature and greatness I had a chance to embrace his person and shake his hand as well as say ‘thank you’ for his service back in 2009...

Charles Evers has lived a very charmed life with many vocations and stations: proud World War 2 Veteran, Bootlegger, Numbers Runner for the Chicago Mob, Escort Service Provider (euphemism for pimp), NAACP MS Field Secretary, Pioneering Politician (First elected Black Mayor in the Mississippi since Reconstruction) and Enterprising Businessman…From his father to the great Dr. T.R.M. Howard and even to his little brother the martyr known as Medgar, Bro. Charles was also surrounded, inspired and supported by Black men of exceptional strength in character, courage and purpose…

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Bro. Charles for little over half an hour during the 20008 U.S. Presidential campaign to discuss the 45th Anniversary of the assassination of his brother, Pres. Obama’s historic campaign and thoughts on the state of Black America…Needless to say the man lived up to his reputation of being highly opinionated as well as insightful...

By the way he manages and owns one of the most popular radio stations in Jackson ,MS and does a weekly radio show that addresses important issues relevant to the community…You can listen to WMPR 90.1 online: Every year in June, Charles Evers, along with his very good friend Blues great B.B. King, sponsor the Medgar Evers Homecoming Festival, a three-day annual event held the first week of June in Mississippi. This popular event features parades, gospel festivities and a blues show to celebrate the life and work of the late civil rights activist, Medgar Evers.

Instead of shying away from controversy Charles Evers proudly embraces it!!! With that said please listen to the interview I did with this exceptional Hue-man BEing and you will BEtter understand why the Evers brand is so charming and so strong... #R2c2h2Says #ThaArtstorian

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