Thursday, February 08, 2018

From GrandSon To GrandMa WITh Love: Happy LIFe Affirmation Day Sis. Hattie Mae Taylor!!!

2day FINds ME REstless As I REflect On My Late Maternal GrandMoTHEr Hattie Mae Taylor...2Day, Feb 8, Is HEr LIFe Affirmation Day… SHE Would Have BEen 82 Yrs YoUNg…I Lost HEr 20 Yrs Ago This May Right BEfoRE I Graduated From High School…SHE Was One Of THE First Black WoMEn To BElieve IN ME & LOVE ME UNcondITionally…SHE Had My Back From Day One & PropHEsized My FutuRE Success…WHEn I Lost HEr As A GrandMoTHEr I GaINed A PoWErful Ancestor & Advocate Who I BElieve Has BEen HElpful IN GivINg ME UNiverSOUL Favor…

I Still REMEmBEr CleanINg Out HEr Room & SHE Had All OF THEse Small REd Prayer Cloths That SHE Got From REv. Ike, THE PioneerINg ProsperITy PREacHEr…I Can TestIFy That My GrandMa Not Only Kept THE FaITh, SHE ALSO AMPLIFIED IT & SHE Had HEalINg PoWErs That WERE BEyond CompREHEnsion…Even WHEn SHE Was Black & StREssed SHE Knew That SHE Was BLESSED & LIVED IN THE SPIRIT OF ABUNDANCE NONETHELESS!!! I Never See A Person StREtch A Dollar Like SHE Did, SHE Not Only Had $$$ To Give But SHE Stayed DREssINg Sophisticated Black Church Lady Fly, Big Hats & Furs GaloRE, Not Bad For A HousewIFe Who Still Had To Manage A Large Household (6 ChildREn) & Pay THE Bills…My GrandMoTHEr Taught HErself To REad By REadINg THE Bible…Like Baba Dick GREgory Used To Say, “2 OF THE Most PoWErful Forces IN AMEriKKKa ARE THE Black Woman & THE BLACK Church”…SEE HOW IT WORKS??? SOMEWHERE!!!

And Let ME Just Say That My GrandmoTHEr Was A True CulINary Genius Of THE Down South Variety…EverythINg SHE Cooked Was Made Almost From Scratch & WITh Tender LovINg CaRE!!! HEr Peach Pies WERE So AmazIN…How I Miss HEr Artistry!!!

Hattie Mae Was Truly A BE-YOU-TOO-FULL Woman Both INside & Out But I AM Not SuRE SHE Knew How Special SHE Was…

My GrandMoTHEr Said I Would BE ‘Rich & Famous’ By THE TiME I Was 25…I AM ‘Famous’ But I AIN’t Rich Yet But I Do Know That My ‘DeferREd RicHEs’ Have BEen AccruINg Mad INterREst & That I Will BE WEalthy Soon…My INHErITance BE ComIN Chile!!! I AM WEALTHY & ABUNDANT (IN MY REV. IKE VOICE)!!! ThANKH You GrandMa, THE LATE GREAT ONE & ONLY HATTIE MAE TAYLOR…WE HEART U MADLY!!! ALWAYS & FOREVER!!!
Your Proud GrandSon,
#R2c2h2Says #HappyLIFeAffirmationDay


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