Friday, February 02, 2018

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. REMEmBErINg Mama GREgory On HEr 59th WEddINg Anniversary WIThout Baba @IAMDickGREgory, HEr Partner IN LiBEration

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"Please Send Thoughtful Prayer, PosITivITy & Light To Mama Lil GREgory As SHE Observes HEr 59th WEddINg ANNIVERSARY (FEBRUARY 2) WITHOUT HER PARTNER IN LIBERATION BABA DICK GREGORY FOR THE 1st TIME...Early This MornINg I Left A Voice MEssage For HEr Special BITtersWEet MoMEnt...I AM Now UtilizINg Social MEdia To ExpREss My Admiration, Love & REspect For This PHEnoMEnal Black Woman...NObody Outside Those Two Hue-Man BEINgs REally Knows THE SacrIFices That WERE Made & THE Sorrows EnduREd To Make That UNion Not Only Work But Also Highly Successful IN Important AREas Of Hue-Man ActivITy...Mama GREgory Kept THE FaITh, SHE BElieved IN HEr Man & His Mission & SHE Was REwarded By THE UNiverse WITh A LIFe That Is Truly BEyond Category!!! SHE Is Patient, KINd, ForgivINg & LOVABLE, SHE Made SuRE Baba Got What HE Needed & By DoINg So SHE MADE SURE THAT THE WORLD GOT WHAT WE NEEDED FROM HIM...SHE Is So Humble & A Truly BE-YOU-TOO-FULL Soul...SHE Thought So Much Of Him That SHE HElped To Co-CREate 11 Versions Of Him & STILL STAYED…Now That’s LOVE…What A Woman!!! I Have BEen WonderINg Lately IF THE UNiverse Has A Version Of Lil For ME, SoMEone Who Gets My Story, My Struggles, My ShortcomINgs & YET FINDS A WAY TO LOVE & CHAMPION ME ANYWAY…SOMEWHERE!!! LIKE BABA DICK ALWAYS USED TO SAY BEING LOVABLE IS THE KEY…And Mama GREgory Is A Genius @ BEINg LOVABLE!!!

I Have BEen WorkINg WITh Mama GREgory Via Phone Calls & Faxes SINce 2011…HoWEver, This Photo Taken @ Baba's Wake @ Howard UNiversITy (Which Also FeatuREs Sis. MicHEle GREogry, Baba & Mama GREgory’s Eldest Child of 11) Marks Only THE 2nd TiME I Have Ever MEt Mama GREgory IN Person…THE 1st TiME Was @ Baba Dick GREgory’s LIFe Affirmation Day Celebration (His Very Last One) @ CarolINe’s On Broadway IN NYC IN 2016…I ThANKH THE UNiverSOUL GOD For AllowINg ME To BEar WITness To THEse Important MoMEnts IN THE HUE-Man Cycle Among Such EXCEPTIONAL, LOVABLE & BE-YOU-TOO-FULL Company!!! SEE HOW IT WORKS??? WE LOVE U MADLY MAMA GREGORY!!!” #R2c2h2Says

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: Baba Dick GREgory On THE Most INteREstINg Person HE Has Ever MEt~3/23/2014

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: THE GREat INDia Arie SINgs 'A Good Man' To Honor Queen MoTHEr Lillian GREgory & Baba Dick GREgory

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: Poetess Sis. OWEns Does BE-YOU-TOO-FULL Tribute To Baba Dick GREgory's Woman, Sis. Lillian GREgory

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: Baba Dick GREgory Speaks!!! Playlist:


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