Wednesday, February 26, 2020

ThANKH You #JimmieLeeJackson, Martyred Just 5 Days After #MalcolmX 55 Yrs Ago...

ThANKH You #RighteousAnceSTAR #JimmieLeeJackson!!! Martyred Just 5 Days After They Got #MalcolmX 55 Years Ago…#HisBlackLIFeMattered #BlackVotesCount #ForeverYoung #ForeverRight #MoralArcOfTheUniverseBendsTowardsJustice #JimmieLeeJackson55 #ReclaimTheNarrative #SayHisName

From #ThaArtivistChroniclesRoadTrip2016, 2/22/2016:

#DearBlackPeople & #WorldStarHipHopGeneration:

Yesterday On Malcolm X’s Martyr Day I Made A Pilgrimage To The Grave Of Jimmie Lee Jackson, Another Civil Rights Era Martyr, Who Died Just 5 Days After Malcolm On Feb 26, 1965 From Severe Wounds & Injuries Sustained 8 Days Before (February 18) From Getting Beaten And Shot 2 Times In The Abdomen By Alabama State Trooper #JamesBonardFowler In The Aftermath Of A March Led By MLK Lieutenant Rev #CTVivian To Protest The Jailing Of #SCLC (#SouthernChristianLeadershipConference) Lieutenant REv. #JamesOrange... Jackson, A Church Deacon, Died @ The Age Of 26 Defending The Lives Of His Mother And 82 Yr Old Maternal Grandfather, Both Of Whom Were Caught Up In A Vicious Beat Down In A Poolroom From The Murderous Thugs, KKKops & Pigs Known As THE Alabama State (Storm)Troopers... His Death Led To The Selma-Montgomery Campaign Which Led To The INfamous #BloodySunday Moment (The INtense #PoliceBrutality Against The Marchers Was Captured By The Mainstream Media For The World To See) Which Led To The Passage Of The Seminal & Game Changing #1965VotingRightsAct…The Very Tragic & Very Selfless Sacrifice Of Bro. Jackson Was Not In Vain & Had A Direct & Profound Influence On The Historical Narrative For The Greater Good Of Hue-Manity Mane...#SOMEWHERE!!! His Grave Is Located In The Alabama Woods In An Old Slave Burial Grounds Called #HeardCemetery Right By The Highway…However, If You Go Faster Than 50 Miles Per Hour You Can Easily Miss It In A Blink Of An Eye…In Honor Of Bro. Jimmie And The Fallen I Got A Little Turnt Up…In Tribute I Played Full Blast 2 Songs On The Car Stereo, Which I Know May Not Be Proper Graveside Manner, But The Dead Don’t Complain About Noise Mane...#SeeHowItWorks??? The 2 Songs Were The Following:

Mystikal’s #Shine Which Paid Tribute To His Talented Older Sister Who Was Murdered At A Young Age By Her Boyfriend, A Nephew Of Soul Music Legend #AaronNeville…Listen @ THE LINk HERE:

& #SamCooke’s Epic & Seminal Civil Rights Movement Theme Song #ChangeGonnaCome...Listen @ THE LINk HERE:

BTW, The Pronounced Pockmarks & Holes On The FaΓ§ade Of Jimmie’s Tombstone Come From DisREspectful KKKrackers Using It For Target Practice, Much Like They Still Use The Tombstones Of #JamesChaney In Mississippi & #BPP #BlackPantherParty Chairman #FredHamptonSr. In Louisiana…WHY DO THEY FEAR BLACK MEN EVEN WHILE DEAD MANE???

Years Later In A Magazine Interview As Well As In The KKKourt Of Law, The KKKiller KKKop Fowler Admitted To KKKilling Bro. Jackson, Plead Gulity, Sentenced To 6 Months & Yet Only Served 5 Months In Prison, Some 40 Plus Years Later!!! Fowler Died 7/5/2015 From Alleged Complications Due To Pancreatic Cancer & Dementia In His #SweetHomeAlabama...Fowler Was Allegedly Involved In The Suspicious Death Of Black Motorist #NathanJohnson Who Was Shot To Death While In Custody In Jail In 1966...For Some Reason I Would Like To Believe That If He Was Alive Today @ The Same Age & Saw His People Getting Beat Down By The KKKops That Bro. Jimmie Lee Jackson Would Put His Smartphone Away & Put His Life On The Line Once Again...Let's Always Remember His Example & Be WillINg To Do The Same...Instead Of Screaming #WorldStar Let's Be About #Revolution!!! #R2c2h2Says #NeverForget #JusticeForBlackPeople #Ferguson #BlackHistoryMatters #RevolutionarySuicide

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