Friday, March 13, 2020

#NeverForget: We All Be Remembers The Mysterious Death Of #Leon 4X Ameer, #MalcolmX’s Dear Friend & Supporter 55 Yrs Later

“3/13/2020: 2Day Marks The 55th Anniversary Of The Mysterious Death Of #Leon4XAmeer, The Great #MalcolmX’s Close Associate & The Former Press Secretary For Boxing Legend #MuhammadAli...Before His Death Ameer Was Severely Beaten By Alleged Members Of The #FruitOfIslam After He Left #TheNationOfIslam To Join The Excommunicated Malcolm In Helping Him Organize His Respective Organizations #MuslimMosqueInc & #TheOrganizationOfAfroAmericanUnity aka #OAAU...After Malcolm’s Assassination, Which Happened The Month Before His Own Death, Ameer Went To Authorities, Specifically The #FBI, To Let Them Know That He Had Info On #WhoKilledMalcolmX...He Was Adamant That The KKKillers Did Not Come From Chicago, But From Washington, DC...Not Too Long Thereafter He Was Found Dead In His Bed @ The Boston #SheratonBiltmoreHotel...He Was Only 32 Yrs Young & The Father Of 7-8 Children...I Truly Appreciate Bro. Abdur-Rahman Muhammad’s Unsung Selfless Dedication & Efforts As It Relates To His Lifetime GODWork Research For Truth & Justice As Well As His Well Done ‘Who Killed Malcolm X’ Docuseries Distributed By Netflix...It Is My Hope That He Will Do A Second Season That Highlights The Mysterious Deaths Of Those Connected To Malcolm X...The List Would Include But Is Not Limited To Kenyan Freedom Fighter #PioGamaPinto, Malcolm’s Cousin #HakimJamal (Co-Founder Of #Kwanzaa Along With #RonMaulengaKarenga), #TheHanafiMuslimMassacre, & The Unsung Legendary Pioneering Black Media Journalist #LouisLomax (The 1st Black TV Newsperson) Who Was Involved With #MikeWallace In Helping To Produce The Controversial. #TheHateThatHateProduce Docuseries That Introduced White AmeriKKKa To Bro. Malcolm  & The Nation Of Islam...Lomax Perished In A One Person Auto Accident July 30, 1970 In New Mexico Due To Possible Brake Failure...He Was Ejected From His Car & Died From Head & Internal Injuries...@ The Time Of His Death He Allegedly Solved Who KKKilled Both Malcolm & MLK & Was Possibly Working On Either A Book Or Documentary Or Both Concerning The Subjects...Sounds Like They Did Him Like They Did #DorothyKilgallen Who Was Close To Solving Who KKKilled #JFK Before Being Suicided...Read Karl Evanzz’s #JudasFactor For MOOR Info...Also It Would Be Interesting To Touch On The Infamous #BlackMafia Which Originated Out Of Mosque 12 In Philadelphia...They Were Prolific Illegal Drug Distributors With A #LaCosaNostra Connect & A 🩸Blood Lust That Would Make #MurderInc Blush Mane...Malcolm Was Not A Fan Of What Was Going On In Philly & Would Have Probably Cleaned House If He Succeeded Elijah Muhammad As Head Of The NOI...According To People Like Civil Rights Legend James Farmer, Malcolm Could Have Been KKKilled Because He Was Trying To Stop The Powers That Be Involved In The International Drug Trade From Exploiting & Decimating The Black Community In The US With Their Poison ☠️ ...#SOMEWHERE!!!“
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