Friday, June 02, 2006

Babe Ruth and White Lies...

The Bambino In All Of His Hyperganda Glory

Baseball has too many damn records for its own damn goodOne reason for all these records is to ensure that the Babe not Hank Aaron or any other damn darkey too talented and ambitious for his own good (a la Barry Bonds or Bad Nigger) continues to be recognized as The King of Swing and Sultan of Swat…This hyperganda (propaganda run amuck) isn't new in White Amerikkka…

In an effort to make their heroes seem bigger and grander than what they really are White Amerikkka always seek to replace truth with truthiness or lies that contain truth on crack

For example, when history books tell you Thomas Jefferson was a farmer, planter, architect and musician who built his Monticello estate in Virginia they never tell you that it was enslaved Afrikans that actually farmed the land, provided the entertainment (music and otherwise) at his society balls, grew the food , designed and built his damn Monticello mansion…Thomas Jefferson also used enslaved Afrikans to break in his bed in the master bedroom (Sally Hemmings)…Thomas Edison did not make the light bulb as we now know and loathe today…Actually Edison's version was a failure until one of his assistants , a talented Black man by the name of Lewis Latimer created the light bulb filament and yes this is the same Lewis Latimer who designed the prototype for Alexander Graham Bell's first telephone that you never hear about because of Amerikkkan History Blackouts

It has been several days since Memorial day and many people still don't realize that Black folks have played a significant role in every war Amerikkka has gotten itself involved in from 5,000 Black soldiers under the direction of Gen. George Washington to those currently deployed in Afghanistan and IraqBlacks have always been among the first to answer the so-called clarion call of freedom and justice for all even though they weren't always extended the same rights and privileges that they unhesitatingly died for and their efforts no matter how much soaked in actual blood, sweat and tears, after their generation has long passed the scene will finally be disgraced by getting the official Blackout on the Amerikkkan History Record

What does this Amerikkkan History Blackout got to do with Babe Ruth and Major League Baseball history and records one may ask??? Well considering that the Babe Ruth the actual legend and not the man is the hyperganda product of White sportswriters from the 1920s and 1930s and is continually being perpetuated by their misguided offspring (Tim Kurkjian of ESPN and the baby faced Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports! Comes to mind) and that White Amerrikkka have also been known and prone on the regular to over mythologizing, re-writing, and romanticizing its dark, genocidal, sinister and tragic past all in the name of White guilt (liberalism) and shame, then one can see the answer clearly which is of course A LOT!!!

culture and to the The fact that the candy bar known as Baby Ruth wasn't named for the cherub faced slugger but for Pres. Grover Cleveland's daughter, Ruth, is a fact that have fell victim to the hyperganda Amerikkkan History Blackout
…When Babe Ruth was committing athletic acts of "superhuman ability" (which in baseball circles athletic acts of exceptional brilliance are now called Ruthian) the fact that he was doing it in much smaller ballparks and against no people of color did not or does not even now lead many people to question the legitimacy of the homerun record in the first place…The fact that people can call without thought or hesitancy Barry Bonds a cheater who never failed a drug test and hasn't broken any laws is very hypocritical and lacks serious analysis…Even if he did took steroids it still doesn't matter because baseball did not have any laws against the taking of steroids on the books during the time he allegedly would have committed the crimeBut the Babe on the other hand had something far better than steroids, hotdogs, beer and young fast girls in his favor, he had SEGREGATION…Segregation meant that Blacks and Whites couldn't play together…Although the Black and Whites both had their own respective leagues with their fair share of stars, the White Amerikkkan press only paid close attention to the White League while the Black press covered the Black League...
However, the White press had more access and influence among the Amerikkkan White Mainstream meaning that while talented White baseball players like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker became household names in many Amerikkkan households, the Black ball players would have to settle to be only known and appreciated among their own people

Babe Ruth hit all of his 714 literally against and among friends and family while Bonds could be considered the U.N. Secretary General or Kofi Anan of homerun hitters because he has hit his homers off of more pitchers from all nationalities (currently 421 and counting) than anyone in major league baseball history

The fact that Babe Ruth played in a left-handed hitter friendly park such as Yankee Stadium also helped to add to his homerun total…However, in comparison Barry Bonds homerun totals become even more amazing when you look at the fact that he has hit many of his milestone homeruns since the beginning of the millennium in one of the most cavernous and most difficult parks to hit a homer in especially for left handers, the SF Giants SBC Park in San Francisco

Also many people forget or want not to acknowledge the fact that if Blacks and other players of color were allowed to play with the Whites that Babe Ruth's presence in baseball lore and history could easily have been an non-issue or even non-existent
…Think about it many people would probably be talking about the exploits of a Josh Gibson the first ballplayer to hit one out of Yankee stadium and who allegedly had over 800 plus homeruns in his grossly underappreciated career and who also hit close to 80 homeruns in one season!!!

It could be stated the reason why it took the Red Sox so long to win a championship wasn't necessarily the curse of the Babe or Bambino but the curse of White Amerikkkan Racism…The fact that the Red Sox had a chance to not only sign the great Willie Mays, but also the great Hank Aaron (both of whom were the product of the Black or Negro Leagues) and yet passed on it because the owner at the time, Tom Yawkey was a racist and white supremacist shows how much racism and hate can cloud up a person's good judgement especially when it comes to building championship caliber teams

Although I have spent time criticizing and rightfully so the achievements of one George Herman Ruth and White Amerikkka's hyperganda's interpretations of them, I must say that I am quite impressed with the man more so in many respects than his "tainted" recordsThe fact that he was public friendly is evident in that many ways a Babe Ruth autograph is easier to find even after some 58 years after passing than some alive and currently active professional athletes!!!

One thing in particular has always stood out in my mind about Babe and seems to imply something that his numerous major league records don't: HIS FAIRNESS AND UNBIASED APPRECIATION FOR TRUE TALENT NO MATTER THE PERSON'S COLOR!!! A reporter once asked the Babe who was the greatest ballplayer he's ever seen…The Babe interested in the meaning of the question asked for clarification on the question whether it meant the greatest White or Black player etc.,…The anxious reporter clarified the statement by saying the greatest ball player period and so the Babe told him that it was a Black man by the name of Henry 'Pop' Lloyd…There may be hope for White Amerikkka yet!!!
Yours Truly Even If You Think That A Fat Man Can Actually Be The Greatest Athlete Of All Time,

The Outraged Negro

*Important: The views of the The Outraged Negro doesn't represent the views of all those affliated with W.E. A.L.L. B.E.*

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Superblink said...

Babe Ruth wasn't fat until later in his career. In his prime he was 6'2 215 and at the end he was 250-260. He was also one of the top pitchers in the league until moving to the outfield.

Anonymous said...

When bigger idiots are made, it will be you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this is crap.

Unknown said...

Take Half of Bonds Homers away due to steroids. Bonds didn't only use steroids he stacked them using them in the most complex of ways. If you study all of the steroid users stats you'll realize that in most all of the cases after they were caught or suspected their Home runs dropped somewhere between 45-55% of their previous totals. Hank Aaron was a stud who I watched for years as a kid and Broke Ruth's record fair and square and has my utmost respect as the Home run king. that takes nothing away from Ruth and his accomplishments. Racism will never die with the likes of you constantly seeing a need to divide our nation based on skin tone. Try saying this: babe Ruth was one of the Greatest baseball players in the history of the game. Now say this: Jackie Robinson was one of the greatest baseball players in the history of the game. Was that so hard?