Friday, June 02, 2006

Outraged Negro says MLB Wrong For Not Celebrating Barry's Homerun Milestone

Barry Good Even When THE MLB ISN'T!!!

On Sunday May 28, 2006, Barry Lamar Bonds became just the second documented ball player to surpass the mighty White Giant known as the Babe Ruth in the most macho of sports categories: career homerun totalsHowever quiet as it is kept Barry did break a baseball record Sunday and it was significant 

When the specially hologrammed marked baseball left the fat part of Barry's Black bat for a 445ft journey into the bleachers and the annals of sports history it cemented Barry Lamar Bonds as the most prolific left-handed homerun hitter of all time in Major League Baseball History…Up until Barry crushed the ball, Babe Ruth was the record holder for most homeruns by a left-handed hitter so you see Barry not only accomplished a major milestone but also broke and set an actual MLB record!!!

All this pigeon crapping and media downplaying by Bud Selig and his lackeys is pure posing because he's too smart not to know…What this actually shows is the cowardice of Major League Baseball to not stand behind one of its most talented and bankable if highly controversial stars because of the guilty cloud put upon Barry by many in the mainstream media regardless of the fact that the man has yet to fail a drug test and is probably tested more than any one athlete except perhaps the great champion bicyclist Lance Armstrong…Public scrutiny and perception which is shaped by the narrowmindedness and factless speculation of the mainstream media is what it is and is the price one pays for seeking fame and fortune in a tabloid addicted society 

Although Bud and the Major League Baseball establishment have already shown how they felt about Barry and his accomplishment it is great to know that many people involved in the game feel otherwiseThe great St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols, who is on pace to break Barry Bonds' single season homerun mark of 73 homeruns, publicly came out in support of Bonds and offered the beleagured player nothing but praise and respect and chided the media for not being fair in their assessment and portrayal of Bonds and his achievements 

Another note is Barry's next record to break isn't Hammerin' Hank's career total of 755 homeruns, but the underappreciated Hammerin' Hank's National League homerun record of 733 homeruns…Barry who's has played all 21 years of his spectacular career in the National League needs just 19 homers to pass this record/milestone and will probably do that this yearAnd oh by the way Babe Ruth still holds the American League record for most homers hit by a player at you guess it 714...No matter what ladies and gentlemen that Fat Bastard (R.I.P.) like Freddie Kreuger and Jason Voorhies refuses to die!!!

Yours Truly Even If Maury Povich's Birth Test States Otherwise,

The Outraged Negro

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