Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Liberty and Justice For All...Christians???

Picture: The cross-bearing statue stands in front of the World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church (Memphis,Tn), a perfect spot, says pastor Apostle Alton R. Williams, for passersby to think about their relationship with God.
Church constructs monument to Christianity in likeness of Lady Liberty Photo Photos by Hilly Schiffer/The Commercial Appeal

Picture: Ryan Bessant installs a foot on the seven-story Christian-themed Lady Liberty that's rising at Winchester and Kirby Parkway. A sheet covers much of the $260,000 statue until its unveiling next week.

72-foot monument in Hickory Hill to be unveiled on July Fourth
By Whitney Boyd
June 29, 2006
As drivers wait for a green light on Winchester Road, they automatically lean their heads forward to view the 72-foot sea-foam-green Statue of Liberation overlooking Hickory Hill.

The towering replica of the Statue of Liberty -- with a few Christian touches -- is being erected in front of the 12,000-member World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church at Winchester and Kirby Parkway.

Replacing the recognizable torch, Lady Liberty holds a cross.

A beige sheet veils much of the $260,000 statue and will be removed during a Fourth of July ceremony.

Lady Liberty's uncovered eyes already peer down on the community. A tear falls from her right eye representing her concern for America.

Church members said the mixture of the statue and Christian symbols represent "America belonging to God through Jesus Christ."

The statue's famous inscription -- "Give me your tired, your poor ..." -- has been replaced with Roman numerals representing the Ten Commandments.

The seven-spiked crown that represents the seven seas of the world, has been changed to signify the seven redemptive names of Christ, according to church pastor Apostle Alton R. Williams.

Inscribed on the crown is the name Jehovah.

Workers are still assembling the Statue of Liberation for her Independence Day debut, but not all members of the community are happy.

"That church is trashing the meaning of America," said 11-year Hickory Hill resident Evelyn Douglass.

"The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the United States of America," she said. "The cross represents a specific religion. It's not right that they are mixing the two."

Douglass now takes the long way home to avoid "the big green thing."

Across the street at Mapco Express, manager Mary Preyer awaits the final product.

"I like the idea of the Statue of Liberty holding a cross representing freedom through Jesus Christ," Preyer said. "I just think its funding could have been put to better use for the neighborhood. It's definitely got people talking."

Conversation is exactly what Williams hopes the statue will spark.

"People don't talk about Christ anymore and our morals are gone," Williams said. "People cannot drive by our statue without thinking about their relationship with God."

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Anonymous said...

I am in support of the status. This is what's wrong with America today. Instead of
viewing the Statue of Liberation, as it is called, as
a sign that America needs to turn to God in their
troubling times, we start talking and nagging about
how much the statue costs. I don't see anyone
complaining about the Buddha on Mendenhall, like
everybody on this blog is complaining about the
replica of the Statue of Liberty in front of a church.
Why, should you worry about how much a man of God
spends on a symbol asking to bring God into the
presence of a community that is losing its value? I
believe that the Statue of Liberation is the best
thing for the Hickory Hill community, not shops that
will probably leave, due to the rising crime rates,
over the years. Apostle A.R. Williams did the right
thing by placing that Statue in the center of the
Hickory Hill Community. If people look beyond the
materialistic things this man has, and stop thinking
about how much something costs, you can open your eyes
and find the TRUE Christian in you, and say this man
is right. America belongs to God, always has and
always will, thus the cross in the hand. The tablet
represents the 10 Commandments the tear is showing
Lady Liberty is upset at what she sees in this
country. Why must everyone knock on a statue that
represents the will of God, but you can't complain
about a big Buddha? Maybe the Buddha is in the wrong
location? But, I do know one thing, every time
something Godly is erected, people talk. They talk
because they, themselves are not right with our Lord
and Savior. They talk because every time they pass
this busy intersection, they are reminded that God is
over this country and us. So, anybody that made
comments about how A.R. Williams is wasting money and
doesn't deserve to live in his 1.4 million dollar home
or anything about his finances, is jealous because
they haven't received their blessings from the Lord.
I truly must say as well, he doesn't require his
members to send in a tax form to see how much they can
tithe, for the Bible says, and I'm paraphrasing, every
man should bring their money to the storehouse and
every time you receive any monetary funds, you should
always set aside 10% to the Lord. Maybe if people
weren't so concerned about A.R. Williams and what he
should do for the community, because that is not his
job, for his name is not Mayor Herenton...separation
of church and state, may I mind you, if you want to
get political with it, they should be concerned about
getting themselves right because judgment day is upon
us. Oh, and to the comment about Apostle helping
people out with jobs, if you attended his church for a
Sunday and stop assuming, you will know that he post
job openings for his members inside the church. In
essence, get yourself right with God and stop worrying
about how another man spends his BLESSINGS that God
has poured down on him. I leave you with this, if you
die tonight, will Heaven be your home? Thank you and
God bless.