Wednesday, July 05, 2006

R.I.P. To Memphis Radio Legend Gone Too Soon....

R.I.P. Soul Brother Jaye Michael Davis (1943-1966)

On Sunday morning I learned some awful news from my Aunt Liz...That Jaye Michael Davis one of the most lovable personalities on Memphis radio station WDIA (the first Black radio station in the U.S.A.) died from injuries he sustained while riding his motorcycle in Tunica County, Mississippi on Saturday, July 1...His wife,Lisa, was also badly injured and is currently fighting for her life at the Memphis Med...At first I thought it was his brother, James Davis, his co-host on the weekdays who got killed which really made me numb to a touch...James was actually the one who interviewed me 8 years ago for my accomplishments in art and academics in high school as well as on my endeavors during and after college...But it was Jaye Michael Davis who made a brother feel welcomed to be in their space with them in what is truly hallowed ground for African American and American History, the WDIA studios in downtown Memphis...Jaye always got my jokes which let me know that he was one of superior wit and intellect...The last time I actually spoke to the Davis brothers was on-air in September 2005 when I was promoting my James Reese Europe: Jazz Lieutenant book signing a the Memphis Black Arts Alliance...Jaye and James were cool and patient as usual, never cutting me off while I spoke my mind about the state of affairs in Memphis as well as on the national and global scene...You can tell that both of these brothers were very sincere and had a true love for people...

Jaye I know that your soul is at rest...I can tell by the way you lived and even died that you had a true passion for living and definitely lived by the old adage of enjoying the journey more than the destination...So Brother Jaye keep riding that heavenly highway into eternity and know that your mortal journey did make a profound and positive difference in many folks lives both known as well as unknown to you...Know that many will continue to keep your wife and family in our prayers and thoughts...R.I.P. To A True Legend CAUSE TRUE LEGENDS DON'T DIE, THEY ONLY GROWER FONDER AND GREATER WITH REMEMBRANCE AND TIME!!!
A friend and fan,
R2C2H2 THA Artivist
Here are some sites where you can find out more about Brother Jaye's death, but more importantly his life and legacy:
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