Sunday, July 02, 2006

Why Star Will Keep Shining

The Outraged Negro Reports

Last Tuesday (June 27,2006) Star Jones announced to the world at large that she will no longer be a regular visual in Queen Babs' (Barbara Walters) View…Although Queen Babs looked visually taken aback she nonetheless seemed to embrace Star by touching and holding her hand in a somewhat Kodak or Prozac moment...She then offered Star words of praise before a live studio audience!!!

Then Queen Babs stated the next day (after Star started making the rounds through the media circus criticizing ABC and The View on the way they treated her) that Star was disloyal and unprofessional when she announced her 'resignation'...In other words Queen Babs thought that Star disrespected her crown and should have done it the way Queen Babs and ABC wanted her to do it which was to not make a scene and gracefully bow out (regardless of what Star did, Queen Babs, who is not only a cultural icon but also a respected woman pioneer in journalism and television, should have addressed this to her woman to woman instead of behind her back...The perfect time would have been on Tuesday's show which could have did a lot for their ratings)…

Everybody should know that in business the only thing that people are loyal to is the $bottom line$
The true disloyalty came when Queen Babs and the Witches of East Wyck I mean her co-hosts didn't rally around Star and basically chose (according to heresay) instead to bring the first man to co-host as a part of The View, Mr. Rosie O'Donnell (in a way this is very historic and progressive considering that the good ole boys club down in Augusta, Georgia has yet to open its doors to women golfers...)

Although Star took a lot of heat for being 'unprofessional' at least she wasn't unethical which is on many levels very peculiar for a lawyer (Queen Babs and ABC wanted Star to make up a lie for her reason for leaving)…This tidbit is very important considering the post-Lewinksy, Enron bamboozled , steroid-popping, gastric impaired and mentally unaware Amerikkkan society that we now live in…Amerikkka takes much glee in destroying and altering their celebrities in order to rebuilt them in a image they see fit (this rule goes for cities...Holla at me New Orleans if you feel me!!!)

Although it seems that Star was caught off guard like a deer in headlights or better yet Pres. George Bush at a spelling bee she quickly recovered her senses to get out of the way of oncoming traffic or to avoid those damn vowel sounds…The reason why Star really left was because her contract wasn't renewed after being with the show since its inception for nine years…Many observers also observed that ABC and Queen Babs felt that the former husky Star wore out her welcome after her wedding bonanza turned fiasco when she married her sexually ambiguous and adventurous hubby, Mr. Star Jones I mean Al Reynolds, and was rewarded with freebies from corporations when she promised them promo time for their products on The View (as Yoda would say Oprah Winfrey she is not)This misstep earned her the nickname Bridezilla

Another reason given was the fact that she wasn't forthcoming about her dramatic weight loss (Amerikkka likes its Black nannies plump and juicy and above all non-threatening)...Regardless of these reasons or innuendo I am still going to place my bets with Star…For some reason (which is still very noticeable) Amerikkka has a problem with educated, articulate Black folk speaking their true mind...

Secondly, Star regardless of the wedding disaster and sudden drop off the fatty charts and radar of every major fast food restaurant chain was a team player and consummate professional always playing her role as the bitchy and nosy Black chick and offering her insights whether welcomed or not

The fact that she was hustling and flowing Payless Shoes (knowing good well that she was too vain and at one point too damn heavy to to wear Payless Shoes) proves that she is one of the hardest hucksters and self promoters in show business…Star earned all of her paychecks whether it was battlin' out in the Amerikkkan Just Us system, selling cheap shoes to the clueless, talking smack and probably even eating Honey Smacks with celebs on the red carpet for E!, or getting hit on the head with a football repeatedly (thanks instant replay and t.v. exec retards) , Star made sure to point out and promote spectacles for the public and even unwittingly or slyly (considering your perspective or point of view) became a spectacle herself…

Star has a lot in common with the star-crossed NFL player T.O….Both are competitors of the highest order and are widely revered for their exceptional talents and at times loathed for their larger than life as well as overbearing personalities…Both are contrary to popular belief team oriented players who only become problems when they recognize their worth or true value to the team and demand that others do the same…WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO STAR THIS YEAR IS BASICALLY THE SAME THING THAT THEY DONE TO T.O. LAST YEARBasically Queen Babs is playing the part of Amerikkka's media darling and favorite soup boy Donovan McNabb while Star is the rambunctious, uppity and sassy coon Amerikkka loves to hate that Bad Nigger T.O….While ABC/DISNEY plays the part of the greedy and needy feudal corporate evil empire known as the NFL…And also like the resilient T.O. who is going to have a breakout year in Dallas, Star will get a chance to shine again…

Star Jones, outside of Oprah of course, was one of the few Black folks in media/ talk entertainment that had Amerikkkan mainstream credibility and recognition (note how many of the news/talk media Black folks are or were former heavies physically…Think Oprah, Star, Bryant Gumbel, Tom Joyner and Al Roker for starters)The fact that the Amerikkkan entertainment infrastructure is very reluctant in nurturing and promoting new Black talent, with the exception of the sports and music industry, means that Star will get a chance to have her picks as far as career opportunities goes from a tree abundant with fruit

Star Jones already have a household name as well as some controversy on her side meaning that the networks don't have to worry too much on spending money for her next project(s) because many people in the first weeks especially will tune in just out of curiosity and Star regardless of what many in the media may think of her still has a fan base with buying power(watch out Oprah!!!)...But she must hurry before the fruit gets too ripe…She really doesn't want to end up on VH 1's The Surreal Life with Arsenio Hall and Joan Lunden just yet (let her pray that will be her last option before making a deal with the devil)Hopefully Star will end up more Geraldo (working) than Donahue (missing in action???)

I wouldn't be surprised if she went back to her roots and landed her own show on Court TV…Watch out Nancy Cranky face (Grace)!!! So ladies and gentlemen without further adieu please stay tuned for the movie of the week A Star is Re-Born!!!

Yours truly even if you don't believe that Star Jones lost her weight by eating Subway sandwiches.
The Outraged Negro
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