Friday, September 22, 2006

The Liberty City Seven looks like the Scotsboro Nine, The Chicago Eight and Panther 21 All over again.

Special Commentary by The Outraged Negro.

When I first heard the news of the seven Black muslim terrorists getting arrested for allegedly creating a plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago my first reaction was that it smells like the start of a vicious political campaign season ala Willie Horton a.k.a Bad Nigger style…When I started hearing more and more details about the case it once more validated what I had already known for awhile to be true which is that Amerikkka has always been great at manufacturing her own terrorists

Amerikkka definitely has a Dr. Frankenstein complex where she becomes so scare of her own creation that she tries to kill it instead of trying to fully understand it
…I would even rationalize that the terrorist that Amerikkka creates have a Pyscho ala Norman Bates complex 'cause if you remember the reason why Norman Bates became such an antisocial, psychopathic and pathetic figure was because of the way he was raised by his abusive and domineering mother whom he ends up killing out of "vengeance and love"…Whether Amerikkka trained them at her finest military academies (Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson); produced them through the horrors of the American Holocaust (Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, John Brown, Gabriel Prosser and Robert Charles); trained as well as sold them weaponry (Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein); assist them in the covert overthrow of their country's government (Manuel Noreiga, Fidel Castro) or even let them serve in our military during wartime (Tim McVeigh the Oklahoma City Bomber and John Muhammad the D.C. Beltway Sniper are Persian Gulf War veterans), she has in many ways always bore responsibility in creating a plethora of enemies both foreign and domestic…Even the serial killer and cannibalist Jeffrey Dahmer did a stint in the U.S. Army as well as Albert DeSalvo the alleged Boston Strangler ...Notorious 1920s and 30s hitman and robber Verne Miller was a decorated World War One hero and former sheriff and Monk Eastman leader of one of the largest street gangs in New York at the dawn of the 20th Century served time as a doughboy during World War One and came back a decorated war hero…Let us not forget Japanese naval commander Admiral Yamamoto, the mastermind behind The Pearl Harbor Attacks on Dec. 6, 1941 that forced U.S. into World War Two and an alumnus of Harvard University!!!

As more and more info came out about the alleged Brothers of Islamic Jihad Revolution or the Liberty City Seven as the media calls them, the more I begin to question how much of threat they really were when the Men in Black raided these brothers' home/headquarters/warehouse…There were no weapons, not even one stick of dynamite or a 18 year old cannister of mustard gas was found!!! The media said the Seas of David (actually there name was the Seeds of David) pledged their allegiance to Al Qaeda and also requested $50,000 to raise an Islamic Army to overthrow the United States Government...First of all if you want to wage war with a first rate meglopower war monger republic like Amerikkka you are going to need more than a nice tax refund…$50,000 IS NOT EVEN ENOUGH FOR ROUNDTRIP CARFARE FROM Miami to Chicago in these high gas price days of the Bushwhacked Administration…And forget about it if you definitely are planning to make that trip in a tank…The real Al Qaeda boys Osama and Al Zarqwai have and had access to millions and millions of dollars to wage their holy war…

Another factor was the fact that they were more talking the talk (more mumbling than actually talking) than actually walking the walk …Truth be told if you go to a predominantly Black barbershop in anywhere Amerikkka you would find Black folk of all types fittin' tha description of being Anti-Amerikkkan due to the frankness as well as jiveness of convo you may have in a comfortable and rather 'safe' environment

The fact that these Brothers allegedly start planning their insurrection in December 2005 also shows that these men were in no position to actually initiate a terrorist act let alone a war…Attacks made by pros such as Osama usually took time as in years to plan and prepare…Even the nation's top henchman I mean law man, Alberto Gonzales, said that the Liberty City 7 were not threats, but were caught before they became threats…Even the Chicago Authorities said that the Sears Towers were not in any danger of being attacked…In other words these men based on the facts that I had stated had not the necessary means to reach the necessary ends…These Brothers are basically victims and are being used as sacrificial lambs to justify the abuses and lawlessness being perpetrated by the Bushwhacked Administration to destroy their enemies and control and bully U.S. citizens

The true crime I feel is why is Amerikkka's justice system overflowing with desperate men and women from desperate situations and environments...Liberty City is one of the poorest and most violent urban communities in Amerikkka a.k.a. the land of plenty…Another thing to ponder is the fact that Amerikkka produces conditions that creates rebellious individuals…Whether it is a sign of a "just us" society or the evils of capitalism one thing is for certain …If Amerikkka continues to consumes its future by squandering the gifts and hopes of her best and brightest then it can't really survive as a World Superpower…When there is no sense of justice, but just us then people should be wary that any one of us could be the next victims of this New Age InquisitionWhen you create a world where it is easier for you to get a good quality gun than a good quality education then you are creating a molotov cocktail for disaster…The fact that a FBI agent /informant entered the group and was actually the catalyst for getting the group to pledge Al Qaeda and was the actual person who brought up the idea of weaponry then entrapment not caught red handed is the true law of the land where the one eyed man turns state's evidence!!!

Like the Scottsboro 9 trial of the nineteen thirties and the later Chicago Eight and Panther 21 trials of the 60s and 70s these unfortunate Brothers' trial will set precedents with mixed consequences both tragic and triumphant...Let's hope that these Brothers get a fair chance once in their star crossed lives to tell their story in front of open minded folk, public opinion be damned!!!

Yours truly even if you think Big Brother isn't watching you,
The Outraged Negro
copyright 2005 by r2c2h2
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