Saturday, September 16, 2006

Look what well known cultural critic Stanley Crouch wrote about Tha Artivist's Mom...

The MTV degeneration
needs saviors

It is important to recognize that while those such as Bill Cosby and Juan Williams continue to point out the importance of changing self-destructive attitudes and habits in the black lower class, there are others like Lisa Fager and Callie Herd.

Fager is a black woman and one of the founders of Industry Ears (, a think tank that focuses on media. Fager might seem an enemy of hip hop, but she is actually a fan. Her complaint has to do with the idiom's demonization of young black men and women who are depicted as "real" only when they appear as thugs and hedonists.

The women are spared the burden of memorizing the rhymes that insult and demean them; their only job is to dress as scantily as possible, roll their rear ends and act like proverbial female dogs in heat.

Fager is presently incensed. Last night, the Walter Kaitz Foundation honored MTV with the Diversity Champion Award during its annual dinner in Manhattan. A press release from the foundation describes MTV Networks as providing "culturally relevant programs that are the most outward demonstration of their dedication to diversity."

It would seem that the Kaitz Foundation either knows nothing about MTV Networks or is another example of how confused some of our diversity campaigns are.

After all, MTV Networks probably considers "Where My Dogs At?" a show so diverse it makes canines feel included, with black women depicted with leashes around their necks and walking into a pet shop on all fours. Then there's "Yo Momma," with teenagers spewing racist epithets, and "Flavor of Love," a largely vulgar minstrel show.

Industry Ears is protesting this diversity charade with a petition that can be signed (

While Lisa Fager battles with the goliaths of irresponsible media firms, Callie Herd is another black woman working at providing college scholarship information for black and Latin kids.

"What I'm doing is trying to educate them. It's not that blacks and Latins don't want to go to college or need scholarship money; they just don't know what is going on. At the advice of my son, I started a blog to get past writing individual letters. That just about wore me out. But the blog reaches so many.

"It is located at There are millions of dollars available, just waiting for those who know how to ask for them." Herd has become aware of much assistance that goes untapped because kids move too late. "It's all about knowing, and that's all I'm trying to provide. Well-used knowledge is part of the solution."

In women like Fager and Herd, we see the tradition of social responsibility taking two forms of the sort this nation can use in every possible direction.

Originally published on September 14, 2006

Brief Bio on Stanley Couch:

Stanley Crouch is a columnist, novelist, essayist, critic and television commentator. He has served since 1987 as an artistic consultant at Lincoln Center and is a co-founder of the department known as Jazz at Lincoln Center. In 1993, he received both the Jean Stein Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters and a MacArthur Foundation grant. He is now working on a biography of Charlie Parker.

Overview of NY Daily News:

The Daily News of New York City is the 7th largest daily newspaper in the United States with a circulation of 795,000.[1] The paper, the first U.S. daily printed in tabloid form, first rolled off the printing presses in 1919. It is owned and run by Mortimer Zuckerman.

Overall, what I am trying to say each of you is: If someone such as Stanley Couch could go to my College Prep blog and see how it can make a differences in many African Americans and other Minorities lives, then you too could circulate the information to your friends, email buddies, church members, add to your youth links, etc. The information on the blog is priceless. It only require you to read and make use of. The sad thing is many African American don't know how to get on the College Preparation Timelines and they rely on others to say "do it now" and when they don't have that link to others, they get left behind. Let us stop relying on others, but in turn rely on ourselves. I know my blog works and I have results from my children and alot of other students/parents, so let us use it. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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