Tuesday, September 19, 2006

White Folks call it Chanticler, but it's plain ole chicken to me...Some thoughts about the Chappelle's Show pixie skit...

Where's the quality control???

A special commentary from the Outraged Negro
This summer I had the misfortune of seeing the Chappelle's Show Lost Episodes skit involving the by now infamous skit that allegedly caused Dave Chappelle to run away from 50 million dollars and into the arms of Mother Africa…Overall, to me it wasn’t one of his best or most controversial skits (in my opinion some of Carlos Mencia's comedic skits are more offensive and edgier than this poorly executed piece of comedic buffoonery)…Nevertheless I can see how the skit might have been done in poor taste if not only done in by poor editing,execution and mediorce writing….These stereotypes have already been played out to their predictable conclusions millions of times over…To me the most offensive part of the skit isn't the Black face, but that it wasn't well executed or presented and somebody had the nerve to pass this mess off as true comic genius…This skit wasn't even worthy to make it out of the editing room let alone on to t.v. where millions of people were actually wasting their time looking at this crap…I know Chappelle said he wasn't using drugs during that time, but EVEN Bobby Brown could see that Dave was on the ish when he wrote and produced that…I am pro choice and I believe that Dave should have aborted that skit idea as soon as it fertilized in that brilliantly skewered mind of his…I actually expected something more cutting edge and innovative, something that is always expected and befitting of the greatest of talents of their generation no matter their occupation or station in life…However, even Marlon Brando and Picasso and Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan have had their bad days so this sin of making unfunny material is a pardonable offense…After viewing this mess I think that the real reason that Dave quit his show was the fact that he actually couldn't believe that Comedy Central was willing to show this crap without thinking about the quality of the product…I think the real reason why Dave was upset by the white man laughing on the set while he was doing this skit was the fact that he knew that the cracker was full of shit cause that skit wasn't even that damn funny and Chappelle felt that the White man was either an idiot or that he realized that the golden boy of comedy actually hit the proverbial brick wall of his comedic talents and limitations…Dave was in a creative slump and the pressure to always be funnier than the last Chappelle's show episode and season was getting to him especially when he signed that $50 million contract and committed himself to several more years of running on empty which in the long run would have did damage to his comedic legend…If you don’t believe please feel free to check out the two classic skits from season one The Niggar Family skit and the one when he was a blind Black man who was a best selling author and a prominent White supremacist…Look at how much funnier the skits in the first season were compared to his latest efforts and decide for yourself…It kinda reminds me of a scene from the movie Basquiat about the famous Black visual artist Jean Michel Basquiat where he is painting a picture in his art dealer's basement...Some patronizing snobbish and uppity White folks come by while he is painting…Instead of letting the artist complete his odyssey on canvas they purchased and take the picture before he is finished...A picture with the potential of being a masterpiece was prematurely destroyed by the greediness of people who think everything has a $price$ and can be bought and commodified, people who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing…Human artistic expression of any form is priceless and should be applauded and lauded for what it is, a heartbreaking work of staggering genius…But we all know what happens to a dream deferred or why the caged bird sings so thank GOD that unlike Basquiat (who died from a drug overdose at the tender age of 27) Dave Chappelle was able to escape the monster before it was too late…Hopefully the time he has left he will be able to right his legacy and secure his spot as a True King of Comedy for all times.

Yours truly even if you didn't feel like me that The Chappelle's Show Lost Episodes should have stayed lost!!!
The Outraged Negro
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