Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mark McGwire Plutoed, Tony Gwynn was Rodney Dangerfielded

When I was looking at ESPN last tuesday (Jan. 9, 2007) it did not surprise me that Mark McGwire did not get into the Baseball Hall of Fame...My problem with this process is simply that it sounds really silly when I hear great players sweating about getting into the hall which is meant to immortalize some of the greatest to ever play this kid's game...Really that's pine tar!!! I was somewhat disappointed to read that Tony Gwynn felt validated by getting in...Validated??? Tony Gwynn is arguably the greatest hitter outside of say Barry Lamar Bonds and Hank Aaron that we have had seen since Ted Williams...The numbers speak for themselves: 3,000 plus hits, over 300 stolen bases and an incredible .338 batting average...He is only one of four players to ever achieve this feat and the only player to do it in the last 80 years...He won 8 batting titles which is tied for the most ever in the National League, and hit .300 or better 19 years straight, another unheard feat in the modern era of baseball...Only Ty Cobb had more consecutive seasons with .3o0 or better at an unbelievable 23, but that was a time when his only competition was other white men and most games were played in the eastern and midwestern United States in a league which was a little under half the size of today's Major League Baseball...And given the numbers and amazing things he had achieved in his long productive career why wasn't Tony Gwynn who received a little over 97% of vote wasn't made an unanimous Hall of Fame or given the vote of 100% confidence by the baseball writers??? How could some of those dorky baseball sports writers, some of whom probably were not good enough to make the grade in little league or tee ball, let alone the minors and major leagues have the nerve in not making him an unanimous Hall of Fame inductee??? Their rationale to justify their snobbish and self serving position was that if Babe Ruth or Joe Dimaggio didn't get an unanimous vote why should they meaning Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr., two of the greatest players and goodwill ambassadors of the game of their generation??? Some even had the audacity to not vote at all no we shall overcome...That's like saying since Black players weren't allow to play with Babe Ruth then we should not let Black players ever play with white ballplayers let alone allow them to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame alongside white players...This what happens when you let fools become gatekeepers of even more foolish and outdated "traditions"...How could we let numb brains like these, equivalent to the religious right fervor and fanatics in politics, be the moral voice and conscience for sports??? Billy Sunday is definitely turning over in his grave now!!!
As far as Mark McGwire goes how did he cheated when number one there was no law in place outlawing the use of steroids...Outside heresay, an envious former teammate's book and vendetta, his body change in physique (how many people actually still look the same since the day they were born let alone junior high or high school 20 plus years removed???) it hasn't been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he took steroids and although he might have pissed on himself in front of the pedophile laden and page turning prima donna windbags known as the United States Congress (how can you take these people seriously when they can't get their own moral house together, page scandals, campaign finance reform loopholes, CIA leaks, Halliburton, indian reservation casino scandals,Tom Delay, Duke Cunningham, William Jefferson, I. Lewis Libby, Dick Cheney's buckshots to the face,fighting wars on lies and rumors of other false wars now stuck in a major Civil War without any direction or exit, and the current Hurricane Katrina man made disaster efforts, honestly with all this mess how can they reprimand anybody for possibly cheating in a little kids game...Even Pres. Nixon could have keep his presidency in this three ringed circus no Frank Wills or accidental Presidency...These are indeed strange times)
What are these two hiding beside noticeable shrinkage???
By the numbers Mark McGwire is a hall of famer...His 583 homers place him in the top ten all time in homeruns...He is in the top ten in slugging percentage and he has the highest number of homeruns per at bats than any player in history (over Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds)...Even when he was smaller he hit 49 homers as a rookie and slugged .619 quite impressive for any era...He won a championship with the Oakland A's as well as a gold glove for defensive work at first base...But his claim to fame and the hall is based on his prodigious homerun hitting...Back in '98 when the country hated Pres. Clinton AS IF HE WAS ACTUALLY A BLACK MAN WHO WAS U.S. PRESIDENT, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire was the most loved ebony and ivory combo since Eddie Muphy and Nick Nolte in 48 Hours (funny how fickled people are and how times changed...Or have they???)

Mark McGwire admitted to the mainstream press that he used androstene or "Andro" as a part of his physical strengthening regimen...Nobody cared as long as he kept hitting those gopher balls a country mile and beat that "Infidel" I mean "Blacspanic" I mean Black or Afro-Dominican(???) known as Sammy "You the Man" Sosa (note how they tried to make Sammy appeared more Black than Hispanic in the press...Sammy kept saying he was Dominican and they kept calling him a Black Dominican interesting...I guess it did help him in the congress testimony because in spite of knowing how to count his money, do commercials with Ken"Used to be Good" Griffey and read his contracts and his name in the paper he couldn't speak no Ingles when it counted...Smart move.)...

I wrote the above to say that as long as those two were putting people in the seats and making the feudal baseball lords money than all was right with the world...People got to understand that before inmates are allowed to run the asylum they ask for permission from their overseers first...They get permission by their overseers looking the other way while handing over the keys at the same time...Kennedy Patriarch Joe Kennedy said it best when he stated it ain't a crime unless you get caught...

Organized crime did not become a problem in this country until the United States overseers passed the Prohibition Law which made alcohol illegal and legitimized crime...Small time crooks became big business moguls overnight...Even when Prohibition was deemed a failure and repealed it still took some of the top law enforcement agencies decades to realized that America actually had an organized crime problem aided by the U.S. Law and Order establishment lack of initiative or desire to curtail it...However, the government let that problem go on so long and unchecked that by that time it was officially identified in the 1960s, organized crime affected every part of American life from govenrment to entertainment to food to clothing to labor and teamster unions and yes even sports ( the 1919 Black Sox scandal anyone)...Sounds like a familiar pattern to me...America or at least its capitalistic overseers and feudal lords value the $bottom line$ more than they do peace of mind while the American public gets drunk and delusional by its rot gut quality booze products in this case being one dimensional he-man baseball players...More to come because I ain't outraged yet just a little bothered...
Yours truly even if you think that violating the rules of a kid's game is just the same as committing war crimes,
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