Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Why Not Knowledge???":More Words of Wisdom for the New Year from Tha Artivist's Mom...

I wonder many times "Why Not Knowledge?" when I look at African American people. We many times leave our faith in other hands without researching, if the information provided to us is factual or not. We look more to if the story is fascinating and has a good conclusion rather than can you prove where you received the information from.

Could you tell me "Why is it that when someone tells you knowledge and tries to demonstrate how to obtain it that he or she is shun or rumored to be a "know it all"?" Why don't we thirst for knowledge like we do water? Why do we have to be so envious of someone who possess knowledge?

I am many times saddened that we point fingers at why we are in the situation we are in, rather than seeking meaningful ways to get out of it. If we are getting people registered to "vote" should there be something in place to teach or train us the voting process? But this "get out to vote" syndrome, sometimes puzzles me, because I wonder why when we try to register people that we don't try to make sure that they know how to use the voting system. This process will not help, but can hamper it. We need to be taught how to use the voting machines as well.

Do we know that it is alright to let someone know that we don't understand or maybe we can't read, instead of pretending because of pride? If that person appreciates you, he or she will accept you for you.

Just think what a better world it would be if we could express ourselves in a way that we didn't feel that we would be humiliated, but rather have individuals that are willing to help or provide information so that we can make a good decision than being more confused.

True freedom is being able to look at oneself and have no regrets of what one sees. We all are made to look different, but no one is any better than another. We must stop feeling that life has provided us a negative stance, but rather be in search of knowledge and our identity and know that "we are our brother's keepers" and what happens to one has an impact on all.

There isn't such a thing as a "little me" and a "big you", but we are all equal under the eyes of the Lord. The Lord's goodness and mercy is not for some, but rather for all.

As we approach 2007, let's make a difference in someone's life and reach out to them and let them know that "life challenges goes to the person who thinks he or she can."

In ending, we are beautiful flowers waiting to blossom together in full bloom.

May you be blessed abundantly in the New Year.
Ms. Callie Herd a.k.a. Tha Artivist's Mom is the visionary and founder of I. A.M. Inspiring Academic Motivation and of the award winning blog http://www.ctherd.blogspot.com which lists millions of dollars in scholarship, job and internship opportunities...She was recently featured in the NY Daily News by famed and sometimes controversial cultural critic Stanley Crouch...Please read the following articles to find out more about Ms. Herd and her mission:

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